CEPLAS doctoral researcher received Rudolf Mansfeld Prize 2023 

Tom Winkler (UoC) has been awarded the prize for his master thesis about gene expression during amaranth domestication. [13/09/2023]

School in Duisburg wins Carbon Challenge 

A school team from Franz Haniel Gymnasium achieved the highest amount of biomass on a 1-square-meter parcel. [05/09/2023]

CEPLAS speaker at Chancentalk at the BMBF 

Maria von Korff Schmising and IPK researcher Robert Hoffie talked about their research and new genomic techniques at the Federal Ministry of Education… [31/08/2023]

Planter's Punch about the language of fungi 

The new Planter's Punch from postdoctoral researcher Concetta De Quattro (UoC) is about the regulation of fungal effector genes. [29/08/2023]

FastFungiFinder wins HHU idea competition 

Three students of the study program QuantBio won the first prize in the category "students" and spoke about their innovative idea in an interview. [25/08/2023]

New publication about PSII assembly 

Together with a research team CEPLAS member Ute Armbruster (HHU) discovered the first eukaryote-specific factor of PSII assembly. [24/08/2023]

CEPLAS member receives prestigious Future Science Prize 

Jijie Chai (MPIPZ) has been awarded the Future Science Prize together with Jian-Min Zhou for their work an plant resistosomes. [18/08/2023]

Open position 

Position of a W3 professorship for Crop Biology at the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf available. [17/08/2023]

Two CEPLAS members at the Digital Demo Day 

Ilka Axmann and Markus Kollmann (both HHU) present their research and technologies at the Digital Demo Day 2023 in Düsseldorf. [15/08/2023]

Funding for "Urban Gardening" 

CEPLAS member Petra Bauer (HHU) was successful with her proposal in the program "Bügeruniversität in der Lehre" for the next two semesters. [14/08/2023]

Soapbox Science in Düsseldorf 

Eleven enthusiastic female researchers presented their work in the centre of Düsseldorf. [07/08/2023]

New publication about fungal pathogens 

A group of scientists led by CEPLAS members Paul Schulze-Lefert and Jijie Chai (both MPIPZ) published a new paper in the Journal PNAS. [03/08/2023]

Open position 

Open position as a student assistant (f/m/d) at the Institute for Plant Sciences at the University of Cologne available. [02/08/2023]

CEPLAS Faces with Paul Schulze-Lefert 

In an interview CEPLAS member Paul Schulze-Lefert (MPIPZ Cologne) reveals what advice he would give to scientists who want to found a start-up. [26/07/2023]

Open position 

New position as a postdoctoral researcher (f/m/d) in Computational Biology at the Institute for Plant Sciences at the University of Cologne available. [26/07/2023]

When 1 plus 1 is not always 2 

In the new Planter's Punch the CEPLAS doctoral researcher Nhu Tran (UoC) describes the components of genetic variation with illustrative pictures. [19/07/2023]

New publications 

In two new papers CEPLAS member Martin Lercher and his team (HHU) describe how to predict enzymatic reactions using AI methods. [19/07/2023]

Open statement  

on the proposal of the EU Commission on plants obtained by certain new genomic techniques and their food and feed [05/07/2023]

New Publication 

The "Healthy Crops" research consortium led by CEPLAS member Wolf Frommer reports on disease-resistant rice varieties in the scientific journal eLife. [29/06/2023]

New Planter's Punch 

The postdoc Marjorie Guichard (HHU) explains in an illustrative comic how and why she tricks proteins with sticky glitters. [23/06/2023]

Open position 

New position as a Scientific Research Associate in Genome Editing in Barley (f/m/d) at the Institute of Plant Genetics at HHU Düsseldorf available. [20/06/2023]

TRANSCEND introduced in Berlin 

CEPLAS and IPK have established a new alliance for plant sciences under the patronage of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. [07/06/2023]

CEPLAS member appointed NGIN Ambassador 

The doctoral researcher Abdulkabir Abdulmalik (HHU) has been appointed Ambassador of NGIN. In an interview he speaks about his new position. [01/06/2023]

Podcast with Markus Stetter 

In the "Computomics" podcast "The domestication of Amaranth or how wild plants become crops", Markus Stetter (UoC) speaks about his research. [01/06/2023]