Equal Opportunity

Within CEPLAS, international scientists from all around the world work together, independent of their origin or ethnic affiliation. CEPLAS makes an effort to create the same conditions and opportunities for all members, irrespective of their gender, life situation, cultural or social background or age. We are committed to tolerance and appreciation and address decisively unequal treatment of any kind.

This is why we have established various measures to effectively ensure equality and diversity within our research community. Our three main areas of activity are:


Past achievements

  • Recruitment of four female professors (out of nine new faculty positions)
  • An elected scientific Equal Opportunity Representative in the CEPLAS decision-making committee (Steering Committee)
  • Establishment of an Equal Opportunity Board for the allocation of equal opportunity funds
  • Equal opportunity as evaluation criterium in the annual evaluation by our Scientific Advisory Board
  • Recruitment of an Equal Opportunity and Diversity Officer
  • Since 2013 support of 15 female and 4 male scientists in the frame of the helping hands program
  • Since 2013 support of 12 female scientists with coaching and mentoring
  • Since 2014 yearly Women’s Career Day
  • At both universities equipment for parents-child rooms
  • Currently support of two parents with day-care places

Checklists and guidelines


CEPLAS works closely with the equal opportunity, diversity officers and family support offices of the participating universities (HHU, UoC) and actively participates in the networks of equal opportunity professionals of “GenderConsulting” and "Equal Opportunity in DFG-Research consortia”. This enables collaboration with experts from various nationwide institutions and exchange of best practices.


The 2023 Report of the Equal Opportunity and Diversity Office is out!
New checklist for inclusive event planning

Equal Opportunity Representative

Prof. Dr. Petra Bauer
CEPLAS Petra Bauer

+49 211 8113479

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Institute of Botany
Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf


Deputy Equal Opportunity Representative

Prof. Dr. Tatjana Hildebrandt

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Institute for Plant Sciences
Cologne Biocenter
University of Cologne


Equal Opportunity and Diversity Office

Claudia Balan

+49 211 81 15931

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Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf