Carbon Challenge is entering second round


In the competition launched by CEPLAS, Bayer and the research institute Invite, 14 schools presented their concepts.

Photos: Bertha-von-Suttner-Gesamtschule Dormagen

How much climate-damaging CO2 can actually be captured in plants? Which plants absorb a lot of CO2 and which less? After its establishment last year the Carbon Challenge was announced again and participants from various schools throughout North Rhine-Westphalia address these questions.

Immediately after the Easter vacations in April, the students sowed their plants on exactly one square meter of land and should harvest as much plant biomass as possible in June. The various groups have now presented their ideas for achieving this goal in an online presentation. The ideas couldn't have been more different: from multi-level cultivation and plant communities to the placement of mirrors to improve the influx of light, it was all there!

Just before the summer vacations, the plants will be harvested and the winners of the Carbon Challenge will then be announced in August. They will get to visit Bayer's Monheim Research Center or one of CEPLAS' research labs at HHU and gain insight into scientific work.