CEPLAS Kompakt

Who we are and what we do - short and compact!

Our researchers are engaged in many exciting areas of plant science and theoretical biology. A brief insight into the various research topics is provided by our series “CEPLAS Kompakt”, in which CEPLAS members give a short statement on their current research. In this way, you can get to know our researchers and the research that we are doing in a compact form.

In CEPLAS international scientists from all over the world work together, regardless of their origin, gender, ethnicity or social and cultural background. Therefore we have set a focus within our “CEPLAS Kompakt” series and dedicate some issues the topic "Excellence through diversity".

Latest issues:

Prof. Dr. Nadine Töpfer

Dr. Michael Wudick

Dr. Vera Göhre

apl. Prof. Dr. Yvonne Stahl

Dr. Dominik Brilhaus