TRANSCEND introduced in Berlin


CEPLAS and IPK have established a new alliance for plant sciences under the patronage of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Andreas Weber, Staatssekretärin (BMBF) Judith Pirscher, Andreas Graner, Maria von Korff Schmising
Photos: Andreas Neßlinger

At an event held at the Futurium in Berlin, the establishment of TRANSCEND, a Center for Translational Plant Biodiversity Research, was announced. Andreas Weber, CEPLAS speaker for many years, and the Managing Director of IPK, Andreas Graner, stated that the primary goal of this alliance is to drive the transformation process towards sustainable agriculture. TRANSCEND will develop innovative methods for accelerated breeding and new concepts for plant protection and nutrition. The initiative is open to additional partners and emphasizes the importance of international collaboration, as the challenges in plant research can only be addressed collectively.

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