Competence Area "Food Security"

While facing a rising world population, climate change, limited global resources and water shortages, one of the world’s central challenges of our time is to achieve and sustain food security. Although, a significant factor in achieving food security is sufficient crop yield, many other factors beyond plant biology are important. Thus, food security research is an excellent example of the need for interdisciplinary partnership of biological science with economics, social science, law, medicine and the humanities.

The aim of the thematically broad and interdisciplinary Competence Area “Food Security” is to foster such interdisciplinary partnerships. The Competence Area is one of six Competence Areas at the University of Cologne and part of the Institutional Strategy of the University. We build a strong interfaculty network at the University of Cologne, Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf, further universities, industry, politics, non-governmental organizations and research institutions. CEPLAS serves as the focal hub for CA. Apart of interdisciplinary workshops, international symposia, public lecture series, and promoting interdisciplinary research, CA intends to increase awareness of the multifaceted challenge of food security among students and pupils.

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Stanislav Kopriva, Botanical Institute
Coordinator: Dr. Dorit Grunewald, Botanical Institute

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Prof. Dr. Stanislav Kopriva
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