Interview Abdulkabir Omeiza Abdulmalik

The CEPLAS graduate student Abdulkabir Omeiza Abdulmalik has been appointed Ambassador of NGIN (Next Generation Agriculture Impact Network). Read more about the organization and Abdulkabir’s new position in this interview.

What is the network NGIN about and why is it so important?

NGIN is a global network of young agricultural leaders supported by 15 equally motivated international partners who, together,  work to create a transformational impact toward the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). The next few decades will have a great impact on today’s youth, future generations, and the world they live in. This is why it has become increasingly important to give the young generation a seat at the table where important decisions are made. NGIN is at the forefront of this by giving young changemakers a voice, a vote, and a role in the ecosystem of impact on a global stage.

"I believe my motivation and desire to drive sustainable agriculture and food security is why I was selected from the large pool of talented applicants."

How did you get the position of an Ambassador and what exactly is your job?

NGIN Ambassadors are highly diverse and motivated individuals who will be key drivers of NGIN’s mission. For me, it was the case that I saw an opportunity to join this unique group of individuals and I applied for it. I believe my motivation and desire to drive sustainable agriculture and food security is why I was selected from the large pool of talented applicants. My work will generally involve making useful contributions to ensure inclusivity and sustainability in the agricultural and food systems sector. As ambassadors, we will be engaging in high-impact discussions/events to shape global and national policies, create opportunities for and with young people, and establish structures to make agriculture more resilient and sustainable. In August/September, we will be attending NGIN’s flagship program and Africa’s Food Systems Forum (AGRF) Summit in Tanzania, and I am already excited.

Why did you decide to engage in this network? What aspect of your work is particularly important to you?

The decision to become an NGIN ambassador was easy, even though the application/selection process was daunting. I grew up in an agricultural community and I am well aware of the several problems that plague the agricultural sector and poses threat to important issues of food security, food safety, and sustainable crop production. The need to contribute to solving these problems beyond my scientific explorations in the lab is why I decided to engage in this network. For me, being able to use my scientific background/exposure to shape actions, policies, and structures to drive food security, food safety, and sustainable crop production is the most important aspect of my role. Ultimately, I will be co-creating an enabling world for modern sustainable agriculture to thrive. It’s important that scientists also play key roles in shaping high-impact decisions relevant to our work, and I am happy to take the lead/ a leading role on that.

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