Excursion to the Gulbenkian Institute in Portugal 

Once more the students of the CEPLAS Graduate School Qualification phase participate in an exchange with the Gulbenkian Institute in Portugal. [14/12/2023]

NFDI4Bioimage – TA3-Hackathon in Cologne 

The CEPLAS Data Science and Data Management team supported the Hackathon which took place at CECAD at the University of Cologne. [13/12/2023]

Early Career Researchers visited Bayer AG 

15 Early Career Researchers got insights into the cutting-edge developments in pest control at Bayer Crop Science in Monheim. [12/12/2023]

New fellowships within the Graduate School 

The CEPLAS Graduate School offers a new PhD program starting in October 2024. Application deadline is January 7, 2024. [11/12/2023]

CEPLAS Research Internships 

The application for CEPLAS Research Internships for undergraduate students is now open! [11/12/2023]

CEPLAS member was appointed Plantae editor 

The CEPLAS PhD Abdulkabir Abdulmalik (HHU) was selected as one of ASPB Plantae editors for a one year term. [05/12/2023]

"Journalistenkolleg" from CEPLAS and IPK 

Researchers from CEPLAS and IPK, as well as other scientific experts, informed 14 journalists about the topic of green genetic engineering. [30/11/2023]

CEPLAS member awarded ERC Consolidator Grant 

Korbinian Schneeberger (MPIPZ) has been awarded one of the prestigious Consolidator Grants of the European Research Council. [23/11/2023]

Opening of CEPLAS photo exhibition 

An exhibition on 10 years of CEPLAS research presents 27 photos and provides insights into plant research. [22/11/2023]

Eight CEPLAS members honored as "Highly cited researchers" 

Congratulations to Jijie Chai, Wolf Frommer, Ruben Garrido-Oter, Stéphane Hacquard, Jane Parker, Paul Schulze-Lefert, Bart Thomma and Björn Usadel. [18/11/2023]

New Planter's Punch 

CEPLAS postdoc St. Elmo Wilken (HHU) explains how to understand the fundamental bases of interspecies metabolic interactions by mathematical models. [16/11/2023]

Early Career Researcher Retreat 

59 CEPLAS and IPK postdocs and doctoral researchers participated at the ECR Retreat last week in Schleiden-Gemünd. [07/11/2023]

Publication about Photorespiration 

A team of researchers led by CEPLAS member Ute Armbruster (HHU) has investigated whether photorespiration protects against fluctuating light. [06/11/2023]

Parliamentary breakfast at state parliament in Düsseldorf 

CEPLAS members Petra Bauer, Maria von Korff Schmising and Rüdiger Simon met around 20 MP's at the state parliament in Düsseldorf. [27/10/2023]

New publication about the molecular mechanisms of protein aggregation 

CEPLAS member Ernesto Llamas (UoC) reports together with David Vilchez (CECAD) about a potential therapy for Huntington's disease. [27/10/2023]

Two CEPLAS members support workshop in Kenia 

Anna Matuzyńska and Tobias Pfennig were invited to the University of Embu, Kenia, to support a workshop on computational modelling. [25/10/2023]

CEPLAS members receive funding from NRW 

CEPLAS scientists (UoC and MPIPZ) were successful with their proposal ‘Immunometabolism in Health and Disease (iHead)’. [24/10/2023]

Comic about resistance of barley plants 

In the new Planter's Punch doctoral researcher Kumsal Ecem Çolpan Karışan (HHU) reveals how to save our beer from global warming. [20/10/2023]

Children learn about treasure chambers of diversity 

CEPLAS opened the doors at HHU for about 50 children who gained insights into everyday laboratory life. [03/10/2023]

New publication on fungi infections 

Together with a team of researchers, CEPLAS member Michael Feldbrügge identified the molecular mechanisms of fungi infection. [28/09/2023]

Start-up Pitch Ernesto Llamas, BioRiver Boost


CEPLAS Postdoc Ernesto Llamas won second place in the BioRiverBoost! 2023 start-up competition for life science founders! [26/09/2023]

New Planter's Punch 

CEPLAS doctoral researcher Svenja Augustin (HHU) reveals how her favorite plant Arabidopsis thaliana maintains its ability to grow. [22/09/2023]

Publication on amaranth domestication 

Markus Stetter (UoC) published a paper about how genetic incompatibilities and evolutionary rescue by wild relatives shaped amaranth domestication. [19/09/2023]

Discussion event on plants as CO2 storage 

CEPLAS scientists discussed the role of plants in the fight against climate change with a guest from Münster and the audience. [15/09/2023]