Two CEPLAS members support workshop in Kenia


Anna Matuzyńska and Tobias Pfennig were invited to the University of Embu, Kenia, to support a workshop on computational modelling.

Photos: Tobias Pfennig

After organising a very successful computational modelling workshop in Kenia last year, CEPLAS researcher Anna Matuszyǹska (RWTH Aachen), along with the doctoral researcher Tobias Pfennig (HHU/ RWTH Aachen), Marvin van Aalst (HHU), and Otho Mathegazza (freelance data analyst), were invited to Kenia once again. This year, the University of Embu set up an intensive 1-week "Hackathon workshop on computational modelling to unleash the computational power of young African researchers" led by Marilyn Ronoh.

Together with facilitators from the Universities of Embu and Johannesburg, the four researchers supported 27 african post-graduate students in learning programming, data analysis, and mathematical modelling, focusing on public health. The workshop consisted of lectures, applied sessions, and social events. It ended with a hackathon where the students successfully analysed and modelled supplied datasets in a long session, reaching late into the night. Afterwards, all students received certificates from the university's vice chancellor, who expressed satisfaction with the workshop results.

Now, after returning home, plans are being made for the coming year to support next-generation african scientists, once again.

(Text: Tobias Pfennig)