Children learn about treasure chambers of diversity


CEPLAS opened the doors at HHU for about 50 children who gained insights into everyday laboratory life.

Together with the Center for Advanced Imaging (CAi) and the Institute for Plant Genetics, CEPLAS participated in the nationwide WDR campaign "Türen auf mit der Maus".

According to the WDR motto "Precious Treasures," this year the children looked at the mysterious blueprints of plants and found out why tomatoes are round and red and taste so good. When the plant cells became clearly visible under a light microscope, the little researchers were astonished.

After the children were equipped with lab coats and divided into different groups, they started a tour of several stations. Sebastian Hänsch from the CAi explained the principle of fluorescence of dyes to the children through small demonstrative experiments. The young guests were also taken on a tour of a laboratory, where the team from the Institute of Plant Genetics presented impressive equipment.

When the children also received gummy bears and a certificate at the end, an insightful and interesting glimpse into research was rounded off. CEPLAS speaker Maria von Korff Schmising from the Institute of Plant Genetics gave a positive summary: "This is the third time that CEPLAS has participated in the WDR's “Türöffnertag” and it was impressive to observe how easily children can grasp scientific concepts. We should definitely continue this valuable initiative!"