Congratulations to Dr. Silke Weckopp

15/01/2018 | CEPLAS Graduate School member Silke successfully defended her PhD thesis "Does the evolution of C4 photosynthesis include adaptions in mineral...

Planter's Punch Award 2017

11/01/2018 | The winner is: Berkley Walker with "Where did all my donuts go?"


Competence Area Food Security

05/01/2018 | New image movie out now!

First Quantitative Biologists have finished their Bachelor!

02/01/2018 | First graduates in the CEPLAS-initiated programme.

Tim Rose

Congratulations to Dr. Philipp Fesel

19/12/2017 | CEPLAS Graduate School member Philipp successfully defended his PhD thesis "Insights into ß-glucan biology in mutualistic plant-microbe interactions"

Successful 2nd NRW-wide PhD Day "Future Bioeconomy"

14/12/2017 | Networking event for young researchers interested in bioeconomy.

What is the relation between donuts and photosynthesis?

12/12/2017 | Find out in our new Planter’s Punch.


Highly Cited Researcher 2017

05/12/2017 | Congratulations: Three CEPLAS PIs are among the most frequently cited researchers!

Highly Cited Researcher Badge

New early career researchers’ representatives

30/11/2017 | Melanie Sapp was elected as the new early career researchers’ representative.

Congratulations: ERC Consolidator Grant for Gunter Döhlemann!

29/11/2017 | Five year funding for research on virulence strategies of fungal plant pathogens.

Just released: The CEPLAS Image Movie!

17/11/2017 | Lean back and enjoy a tour through CEPLAS research activities and discover plant science!

Arabisdopsis Blätter

Apply now for a CEPLAS research internship!

13/11/2017 | Research internships for 3./4. semester B.Sc. Biology or Biochemistry students. Application deadline is December 17.

The interesting ways of how plants use CO2 and light to create sugar and O2

09/11/2017 | Find out more in our new Planter's Punch.

C4 plants

Impressions from CEPLAS Symposium 2017

24/10/2017 | More than 100 scientists participated in the annual event.

CEPLAS Symposium

Do you know Kiri trees?

18/10/2017 | CEPLAS young researchers visited the spin-off company WeGrow.

Successful CEPLAS Workshop about Authentic Networking for Women in Academia

17/10/2017 | 14 female CEPLAS scientists participated in a workshop about networking specially designed for women.

How do plants ensure adequate phosphorus nutrition in phosphorus-impoverished soils?

10/10/2017 | Joint publication of three CEPLAS groups gives insights into root-associated fungal microbiota.

root-associated fungal microbiota

Insights into the plant’s protistbiome

05/10/2017 | New publication from several CEPLAS members, who analysed the role of protists for plants.


Successful draft proposal in the Excellence Strategy!

29/09/2017 | CEPLAS was invited to submit a full proposal in the funding line Clusters of Excellence.

The importance of soil health and how microbes can contribute to improved farming systems

26/09/2017 | Learn more about this topic in our new Planter's Punch!

Grafik einer Pflanze

Congratulations to ERC Starting Grant!

15/09/2017 | We congratulate Stéphane Hacquard (MPIPZ) on the ERC Starting Grant “MICRORULES” that was awarded to him for the next five years.

Several open positions in CEPLAS groups

14/09/2017 | The groups of Prof. Pauly, Prof. Frommer and Prof. Kopriva are looking for a postdoc, a PhD and a scientific coordinator. Apply now!

Congratulations to Dr. Gwendolyn Kirschner!

12/09/2017 | CEPLAS Gradschool member Gwendolyn successfully defended her PhD thesis "Genetic control of root meristem develoment in barley (Hordeum vulgare)"

Authentic Networking for Women in Academia

11/09/2017 | CEPLAS is offering a workshop especially designed for women.

Wissenschaftler an White Board

New public lecture series "Food and Nutrition Security"

05/09/2017 | Several talks will be given by CEPLAS scientists and invited speakers from academia, industry and non-governmental organizations.

Heinrich Heine University
University of Cologne
Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research
Forschungszentrum Jülich