SEB Conference Prague

02/07/2024 - 05/07/2024 Event Prague

CEPLAS IPK Session: Translational Plant Biodiversity

SEB (Society for Experimental Biology) Conference

Where: Clarion Congress Hotel Prague

When: July 2 to July 5

Call for abstracts is open until March 8.

Session organisers: Maria von Korff Schmising, Stanislav Kopriva (CEPLAS) and Nicolaus von Wirén (IPK)

Session length: 2 days 

This session will showcase different approaches used in the field of translational plant biodiversity. Translational biodiversity aims at elucidation of mechanisms underpinning the evolution of plant diversity, and making the generated know-how accessible and applicable to plant breeding and agricultural production. The session will discuss how plant biodiversity can be most efficiently used to improve future crops. 

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