EU parliament voted in favor of NGT


Following the EU Commission, the EU Parliament today also voted in favor of a new regulation on the use of New Genomic Techniques (NGT).

The parliament adopted its position for negotiations with member states on the Commission proposal on NGTs, which modifiy the genetic material of an organism, with 307 votes to 263 and 41 abstentions.

CEPLAS welcomes the EU Parliament's vote. "This is an important decision for both science and agriculture in the EU.  The efforts of scientists who have strongly advocated for evidence-based/science-based regulation of NGTs in recent years have paid off”, said CEPLAS speaker Maria von Korff Schmising.

Two central EU institutions have now agreed to a new regulation. In a next step, the Parliament will start negotiations with the member states on the final form of the law.

Press release of the EU parliament