Shivsam Bady

Research Focus

Plants engage in ongoing interactions with intricate microbial communities. Amino acid metabolism plays a multifaceted role in these interactions, whether in facilitating nutrient exchange or in the synthesis of defense compounds. This dynamic involvement operates at various levels within the intricate web of plant-microbe interplay.

My research focuses on unveiling the pivotal elements involved in amino acid sensing and signaling through post-translational modifications of proteins. Utilizing cutting-edge proteomics and biochemical methodologies, our aim is to discern the fundamental mechanisms and physiological implications of cysteine persulfidation. Specifically, we investigate how Arabidopsis plants interact with both symbiotic and pathogenic fungi, aiming to decode the intricate roles of these modifications in this complex interplay!

Shivsam Bady

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Institute for Plant Sciences
Cologne Biocenter
University of Cologne