Prof. Dr. Michael Feldbrügge

Research focus

Plants host a substantial amount of endophytic microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi. As a member of Research Area C, we are interested in discovering novel examples for fungal endophytes interacting with species of the Brassicaceae. We aim to culture these fungi and develop DNA transformation systems to initiate molecular characterisation of these eukaryotic microorganisms. Our long term goal is the modification of such endophytes so that they gain novel properties that are beneficial for the plant. This could, for example, include novel synthetic metabolic pathways studied intensively in Research Area D.

The five most important publications

  1. Kwon S, Tisserant C, Tulinski M, Weiberg A, Feldbrügge M (2020) Inside-out: from endosomes to extracellular vesicles in fungal RNA transport. Fungal Biology Reviews 34(2):89-99. doi:
  2. Jankowski S, Pohlmann T, Baumann S, Muntjes K, Devan SK, Zander S, Feldbrugge M (2019) The multi PAM2 protein Upa2 functions as novel core component of endosomal mRNA transport. EMBO Rep 20(9):e47381. doi: 10.15252/embr.201847381.
  3. Béthune J, Jansen R-P, Feldbrügge M, Zarnack K (2018) Membrane-Associated RNA-Binding Proteins Orchestrate Organelle-Coupled Translation. Trends Cell Biol. doi:
  4. Olgeiser L, Haag C, Boerner S, Ule J, Busch A, Koepke J, Konig J, Feldbrügge M, Zarnack K (2018) The key protein of endosomal mRNP transport Rrm4 binds translational landmark sites of cargo mRNAs. EMBO Rep. doi: 10.15252/embr.201846588.
  5. Pohlmann T, Baumann S, Haag C, Albrecht M, Feldbrügge M (2015) A FYVE zinc finger domain protein specifically links mRNA transport to endosome trafficking. Elife 4. doi: 10.7554/eLife.06041.
Prof. Dr. Michael Feldbrügge
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