Prof. Dr. Martin Hülskamp

Research focus

One widely accepted scenario of C4 evolution predicts a preconditioning in C3 ancestral lineages such that certain physiological and anatomical traits are favorable for the development of the C4 trait. In the context of CEPLAS we aim to study relevant anatomical leaf traits. Towards this end we plan to use genome wide association mapping and forward genetic approaches in collaboration with Koornneef, Schurr, Höcker and Westhoff labs.

The ten most important publications

  1. Steffens A, Bräutigam A, Jakoby M, Hülskamp M (2015) The BEACH Domain Protein SPIRRIG Is Essential for Arabidopsis Salt Stress Tolerance and Functions as a Regulator of Transcript Stabilization and Localization. PLoS biology 13(7):e1002188.
  2. Pesch M, Dartan B, Birkenbihl R, Somssich IE, Hülskamp M (2014) Arabidopsis TTG2 regulates TRY expression through enhancement of activator complex-triggered activation. The Plant cell 26(10):4067-4083.
  3. Pesch M, Schultheiss I, Digiuni S, Uhrig JF, Hülskamp M (2013) Mutual control of intracellular localisation of the patterning proteins AtMYC1, GL1 and TRY/CPC in Arabidopsis. Development 140(16):3456-3467.
  4. Balkunde R, Bouyer D, Hülskamp M (2011) Nuclear trapping by GL3 controls intercellular transport and redistribution of TTG1 protein in Arabidopsis. Development 138(22):5039-5048.
  5. Shahriari M, Keshavaiah C, Scheuring D, Sabovljevic A, Pimpl P, Häusler RE, Hülskamp M, Schellmann S (2010) The AAA-type ATPase AtSKD1 contributes to vacuolar maintenance of Arabidopsis thaliana. Plant J 64(1):71-85.
  6. Bai Y, Falk S, Schnittger A, Jakoby MJ, Hülskamp M (2010) Tissue layer specific regulation of leaf length and width in Arabidopsis as revealed by the cell autonomous action of ANGUSTIFOLIA. Plant J 61(2):191-199.
  7. Wester K, Digiuni S, Geier F, Timmer J, Fleck C, Hülskamp M (2009) Functional diversity of R3 single-repeat genes in trichome development. Development 136(9):1487-1496.
  8. Saedler R, Jakoby M, Marin B, Galiana-Jaime E, Hülskamp M (2009) The cell morphogenesis gene SPIRRIG in Arabidopsis encodes a WD/BEACH domain protein. Plant J 59(4):612-621.
  9. Bouyer D, Geier F, Kragler F, Schnittger A, Pesch M, Wester K, Balkunde R, Timmer J, Fleck C, Hülskamp M (2008) Two-dimensional patterning by a trapping/depletion mechanism: the role of TTG1 and GL3 in Arabidopsis trichome formation. PLoS biology 6(6):e141.
  10. Kirik V, Schrader A, Uhrig JF, Hülskamp M (2007) MIDGET unravels functions of the Arabidopsis topoisomerase VI complex in DNA endoreduplication, chromatin condensation, and transcriptional silencing. The Plant cell 19(10):3100-3110.
Prof. Dr. Martin Hülskamp
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