Dr. Tobias Jores

Research Focus

Our research focuses on understanding gene regulatory logic in plants. Using high-throughput assays, we characterize the condition- and species-specific activity of hundreds of thousands of plant cis-regulatory elements. Using this data, we are developing deep learning models that predict the activity of novel sequences and enable the design of synthetic cis-regulatory elements. In parallel, we are developing a toolkit for transgene-free genome editing of cis-regulatory elements.

The five most important publications

  1. Jores T, Tonnies J, Mueth N, Romanowski A, Fields S, Cuperus JT, and Queitsch C (2023) Cooperativity and additivity in plant enhancers. bioRxiv, doi.org/10.1101/2023.11.21.568158.
  2. Jores T, Hamm M, Cuperus JT, and Queitsch C (2023) Frontiers and techniques in plant gene regulation. Current Opinion in Plant Biology 75, 102403.
  3. Gorjifard S, Jores T, Tonnies J, Mueth NA, Bubb K, Wrightsman T, Buckler ES, Fields S, Cuperus JT, and Queitsch C (2023) Features that Govern Terminator Strength in Plants. bioRxiv, doi.org/10.1101/2023.06.16.545379.
  4. Jores T, Tonnies J, Wrightsman T, Buckler ES, Cuperus JT, Fields S and Queitsch C (2021) Synthetic promoter designs enabled by a comprehensive analysis of plant core promoters. Nature Plants 7, 842–855.
  5. Jores T, Tonnies J, Dorrity MW, Cuperus JT, Fields S, and Queitsch C (2020) Identification of Plant Enhancers and Their Constituent Elements by STARR-seq in Tobacco Leaves. The Plant Cell 32, 2120–2131.