CEPLAS Exchange Platform 2024


The CEPLAS Exchange Platform brought together CEPLAS scientists with representatives from companies and organizations engaged in research transfer.

On May 14, the “CEPLAS Exchange Platform 2024” took place at InnoDom in Cologne. 48 participants followed talks and discussed opportunities for cooperation in the transfer of CEPLAS research results into socio-economic exploitation. Potential cooperation between CEPLAS projects and companies as well as the potential foundation of startup-companies on the basis of CEPLAS research results were addressed, in this context.

Eight CEPLAS scientists presented the status of application-related research projects and perspectives for transfer. Four companies with businesses in plant breeding, plant biotechnology and/or computational plant biology outlined their R&D programs and concepts for cooperation with academia aiming at the development of innovative solutions for the increase of sustainability in agricultural and horticultural plant production. Finally, a Belgium and four regional organizations engaged in promoting startup foundations in the Agri-Food sector presented their programs for stimulating and supporting the step from science to entrepreneurship.

Informative and inspiring presentations in combination with an intensive exchange of views on different routes, chances and challenges in the transfer of research results into socio-economic exploitation generated a creative spirit for exploring opportunities for new cooperations between participants in the field of research transfer.

The organizers of the CEPLAS Exchange Platform, Günter Strittmatter, Guido Grossmann and Bernadett Simon, were very satisfied with the outcome of the event and are considering repeating it, next year. “The concept of the meeting will be further developed into the “CEPLAS Exchange Platform 2025”, stated Günter Strittmatter.