Equal Opportunity

CEPLAS strives to create the same conditions and opportunities for all members, irrespective of their life situation, sex, cultural background or age. We promote tolerance and appreciation and want to avoid unequal treatment of any kind. This is why we have established various offers to ensure greater equality and diversity within our research community.
International scientists from all around the world work together within CEPLAS – independent of their origin and ethnic affiliation. In addition, we have almost even numbers of male and female researchers working in the cluster. However, we see potential for improvement when it comes to female researchers on permanent advanced positions. Therefore, we especially support individual career paths of early career researchers and group leaders.

To pursue a personal career without restoring other responsibilities or changing one's own life plans is often challenging. We are therefore also committed to reconciling work and family life - from being parents to the care of relatives - and have established special offers.

Beyond achieving equal representation with respect to gender, we aim to increase the number of members from underrepresented groups in science (e.g. first generation academics).
Therefore the CEPLAS Equal Opportunity and Diversity offers are divided into:

However, in case our offers are not applicable to your personal situation, please do not hesitate to contact us in confidence. We will do our best do find an individual solution for you.

The Cluster of Excellence CEPLAS appreciates diversity as a value and aims to trigger a change of perspective. With targeted measures, we want to raise awareness for this issue.

Equal Opportunity Representative

Prof. Dr. Petra Bauer
CEPLAS Petra Bauer


+49 211 8113479

Institute of Botany
Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf

Universitätsstraße 1

40225 Düsseldorf


Equal Opportunity Representative - Deputy

Jun-Prof. Dr. Maria Albani
CEPLAS Maria Albani


+49 221 5062380

Botanical Institute, Cologne Biocenter
University of Cologne c/o Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research

Carl-von-Linné-Weg 10

50829 Cologne


Equal Opportunity and Diversity Office

Equal Opportunity and Diversity Office


+49 211 8110672

Universitätsstraße 1

22.07, Level 01  33, Postbox 007

40225 Düsseldorf

Heinrich Heine University
University of Cologne
Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research
Forschungszentrum Jülich