Dr. Yugander Arra

Research focus

To study the possible role of SWEETs as well as other host nutrient transporters as susceptibility factors in a wide range of rice diseases with the goal of developing broad spectrum resistance.

The five most important publications

  • Rao T, Ramakrishna C, Ramesh M, Punniakotti E, Venkatesh V, Sailaja B, Reddy RM, Yugander A, Laha GS, Madhav MS, Sundaram RM, Ladhalakshmi D, Balachandran SM & Mangrauthia S (2019). Pectin induced transcriptome of a Rhizoctonia solani strain causing sheath blight disease in rice reveals insights on key genes and RNAi machinery for development of pathogen derived resistance. Plant Mol. Bio. 100(1-2): 59-71.
  • Yugander A, Sundaram RM, Singh K, Senguttuvel P, Ladhalakshmi D, Kemparaju KB, Madhav MS, Prasad MS, Hariprasad AS, Laha GS (2018). Improved version of rice maintainer line APMS 6B possessing two dominant, broad spectrum resistance genes, Xa21 and Xa38 exhibits high level of resistance to bacterial blight disease. Mol. Breed. 38:100 (doi.org/10.1007/s11032-018-0853-7).
  • Yugander A, Sundaram RM, Singh K, Ladhalakshmi D, Subbarao LV, Madhav MS, Jyothi B, Prasad MS & Laha GS (2018).  Incorporation of the novel bacterial blight resistance gene Xa38 into the genetic background of elite rice variety Improved Samba Mahsuri. Plos One (doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0198260).
  • Yugander A, Sundaram RM, Ladhalakshmi D, Hajira Sk, Prakasam V, Prasad MS, Madhav MS, Ravindrababu V & Laha GS (2017). Virulence profiling of Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae isolates, causing bacterial blight of rice in India. Europe. J. Plant Patho. 149:171-191.
  • Yugander A, Ladhalakshmi D, Mangrauthia SK, Prasad MS, Krishnaveni D, Madhav MS, Sundaram RM, Viraktamath BC & Laha GS (2015). Pathogenic and genetic variation among the isolates of Rhizoctonia solani (AG 1-IA), the rice sheath blight pathogen. J. Phytopathol. 163:465-474.






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