A story of luminous jellyfish and skyscraping trees 

In a new issue of the Planter's Punch CEPLAS doctoral researcher Jona Obinna Ejike explains why the luminous jellyfish is important for his research. [31/05/2023]

New CEPLAS Executive Board 

During the General Assembly, Maria von Korff Schmising was announced as the new CEPLAS speaker and Bart Thomma as the deputy speaker. [30/05/2023]

WSU students at CEPLAS 

Washington State University (WSU) students participate in a 10-week summer research program at CEPLAS. [29/05/2023]

Plant Sciences in pubs 

CEPLAS members discussed their research topics in a pub atmosphere at the Pint of Science Festival 2023. [25/05/2023]

CEPLAS researchers visited IPK 

During a three day visit to Gatersleben, the CEPLAS scientists got to know the research infrastructure and the IPK members. [24/05/2023]

CEPLAS Faces: Daniel Moser

CEPLAS Faces with Daniel Moser 

Daniel Moser is PhD at the Institute for Plant Sciences (UoC) and tells us that in nature everything is even cooler than he could imagine as a child. [18/05/2023]

Open position 

New position as a Student assistant (f/m/d) at the Institute of Molecular Physiology at the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf available. [11/05/2023]

Jane Parker honored as Fellow of the Royal Society 

The CEPLAS member is among the 80 scientists from around the world who have been elected as the newest Fellow of UK's national academy of sciences. [11/05/2023]

Carbon Challenge is entering second round 

In the competition launched by CEPLAS, Bayer and the research institute Invite, 14 schools presented their concepts. [09/05/2023]

Jane Parker elected to the National Academy of Sciences 

The CEPLAS member is one of 23 international members that have been elected in recognition of their distinguished achievements in original research. [03/05/2023]

Girls' Day 2023 in CEPLAS lab 

At this year's Girls' Day, Ilka Axmann and her team gave female students insights into scientific work. [28/04/2023]

New CEPLAS ECR representatives 

Laura Merx and Susanne Vollmer have been elected as PhD representatives, Laura Armbruster and Craig Dent as postdoc representatives. [25/04/2023]

How plants get sick 

In the frame of the "Kölner Kinderuni" CEPLAS member Isabel Saur explained children how plant diseases can be controlled in the future. [24/04/2023]

CEPLAS at CropIB in Amsterdam 

CEPLAS members participated at the Crop Innovation & Business conference and interacted with experts from the agri-tech and agri-food community. [20/04/2023]

Open position 

New position as a Postdoc (f/m/d) at the Institute of Population Genetics at the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf available. [20/04/2023]

CEPLAS members in New York and Washington 

Andreas Weber, Stanislav Kopriva and Svenja Augustin participated in a series of events in the US to present CEPLAS and the initiative Plant ACT!. [04/04/2023]

CEPLAS Symposium 2023 – 10 years CEPLAS 

CEPLAS celebrated its 10th anniversary during a two-day symposium at the Flora in Cologne. [31/03/2023]

Communicating Science by writing columns 

CEPLAS member Petra Bauer (HHU) starts writing regularly columns in the Rheinische Post to explain Science from her perspective. [30/03/2023]

An imaginary journey into a plant  

The new Planter's Punch from the CEPLAS doctoral researcher Tobias Pfennig is a video about the mechanisms of Photosynthesis. [24/03/2023]

New positions 

Multiple doctoral and postdoctoral positions (f/m/d) at the MPIPZ Cologne available. [23/03/2023]

WDR at the Institute of Plant Genetics 

A team from the children's and youth television program "Neuneinhalb" produced an episode with CEPLAS Alumna Agatha Walla about water scarcity. [20/03/2023]

Presentation of CEPLAS IPK initiative 

The CEPLAS IPK initiative TransCend will be presented at the Plant 2030 status seminar [20/03/2023]

Postdoc Onboarding 

17 Postdocs, who became a member of the CEPLAS Postdoc Program within this or last year, met at HHU Düsseldorf on March 8 for an onboarding meeting. [13/03/2023]

First Planter's Punch as a podcast 

CEPLAS doctoral student Ilyse Putz (HHU) talks about her research with perennial grains and their main poster children. [28/02/2023]