"Why research on barley can improve not only our beer" 

The new issue of the Planter's Punch from postdoc Edgar Demesa-Arevalo is about barley and its importance as a crop and plant for research. [26/08/2021]

"Coming to Germany was a turning point in my career" 

In CEPLAS Faces On Air Paloma Duran from the Max Planck Institute Cologne gives insights into her life as a scientist. [25/08/2021]

Women Scientists explain their research to the public 

CEPLAS members Alisandra Denton, Adélaïde Raguin and Priyamedha Sengupta joined the Soapbox Science event. [23/08/2021]

CEPLAS Faces with Ute Höcker 

Ute Höcker from the Institute for Plant Sciences (UoC) reveals in our interview why she would have liked to talk to one of the first women in science. [19/08/2021]

"CEPLAS Research Weeks" start on social media 

Over the next weeks CEPLAS scientists will introduce the four Research Areas in short videos and posts on social media. [17/08/2021]

Project "Pflanzenforschung 4.0" 

The second part of our science communication project in the frame of the Wissenschaftsjahr 2020|21 - Bioökonomie has just been released! [06/08/2021]

Open position 

Technical assistant at the University of Cologne (AG Zuccaro) [02/08/2021]

Why analyzing plant gene families is important 

In the new Planter's Punch, Postdoc Jan Buchmann (HHU) explains what family business has in common with genes, genomes and genetics. [26/07/2021]

CEPLAS members awarded in Ideas Competition 

Three CEPLAS members received awards for their creative concepts at the Ideas Competition of the Center for Entrepreneurship Düsseldorf (CEDUS). [12/07/2021]

Maria von Korff Schmising elected as member of the Leopoldina 

CEPLAS member Maria von Korff Schmising has been elected as a member of the ‘Nationale Akademie der Wissenschaften’ Leopoldina. [01/07/2021]

Open position 

Position as a student/ scientific assistant (m/f/d) at the Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research in Cologne available. [01/07/2021]

New Planter's Punch about diversity in leaf shapes 

Postdoc Ranju Chutia (MPIPZ) explains in a video why morphology and physiology are two sides of the same coin. [24/06/2021]

The role of plant research in the Green Deal  

More than 80 interested participants at the CEPLAS online event on the Green Deal. [22/06/2021]

Photorespiration for improved plant metabolism 

Together with other researchers from the EU-funded project Gain4Crops Andreas Weber published a paper on photorespiration and C4 metabolism in PNAS. [28/05/2021]

New co-coordinator for Research Area 4 

Juliette de Meaux has been elected as new co-coordinator for the Research Area 4 "Theoretical Plant Biology and Data Science". [27/05/2021]

New science communication project launched 

CEPLAS has just launched the new science communication project "Pflanzenforschung 4.0 in the frame of the Wissenschaftsjahr 2020|21 Bioökonomie [26/05/2021]

Open position 

Position as Postdoc in genomics and evolution of barley and related grasses (f/m/d) at the Institute for Plant Genetics, HHU, available. [25/05/2021]

Why plants can grow on earth 

CEPLAS member Marcel Bucher participated in a study about the plant-fungus partnership,that is published in Science. [21/05/2021]

CEPLAS at Pint of Science  

CEPLAS members from Düsseldorf and Cologne gave insights into the fascinating world of plant research at the Pint of Science Festival 2021. [20/05/2021]

Open position 

Position as Biological/ Agricultural Technical Assistant at the Institute for Plant Genetics at the Heinrich-Heine University Düsseldorf available. [20/05/2021]

Transatlantic Tandem Talk is online 

The Transatlantic Tandem Talk with Alga Zuccaro took place on May 7th. Watch the talk on YouTube and learn how microbes can boost plant performance. [18/05/2021]

Press briefing on green Genetic Engineering 

Andreas Weber participated in a press briefing of the Science Media Center on the topic of green Genetic Engineering and ecology. [05/05/2021]

The active role of bundle sheath cells 

CEPLAS member Stan Kopriva released a paper together with a group of researchers in the Plant Journal about bundle sheath cells in rice. [04/05/2021]

Statement on the EC study on new genomic techniques 

Researchers welcome the EC's assessment on the adaptation of the current GMO legislation [30/04/2021]