The role of plant research in the Green Deal  

More than 80 interested participants at the CEPLAS online event on the Green Deal. [22/06/2021]

Photorespiration for improved plant metabolism 

Together with other researchers from the EU-funded project Gain4Crops Andreas Weber published a paper on photorespiration and C4 metabolism in PNAS. [28/05/2021]

New co-coordinator for Research Area 4 

Juliette de Meaux has been elected as new co-coordinator for the Research Area 4 "Theoretical Plant Biology and Data Science". [27/05/2021]

New science communication project launched 

CEPLAS has just launched the new science communication project "Pflanzenforschung 4.0 in the frame of the Wissenschaftsjahr 2020|21 Bioökonomie [26/05/2021]

Open position 

Position as Postdoc in genomics and evolution of barley and related grasses (f/m/d) at the Institute for Plant Genetics, HHU, available. [25/05/2021]

Why plants can grow on earth 

CEPLAS member Marcel Bucher participated in a study about the plant-fungus partnership,that is published in Science. [21/05/2021]

CEPLAS at Pint of Science  

CEPLAS members from Düsseldorf and Cologne gave insights into the fascinating world of plant research at the Pint of Science Festival 2021. [20/05/2021]

Open position 

Position as Biological/ Agricultural Technical Assistant at the Institute for Plant Genetics at the Heinrich-Heine University Düsseldorf available. [20/05/2021]

Transatlantic Tandem Talk is online 

The Transatlantic Tandem Talk with Alga Zuccaro took place on May 7th. Watch the talk on YouTube and learn how microbes can boost plant performance. [18/05/2021]

Press briefing on green Genetic Engineering 

Andreas Weber participated in a press briefing of the Science Media Center on the topic of green Genetic Engineering and ecology. [05/05/2021]

The active role of bundle sheath cells 

CEPLAS member Stan Kopriva released a paper together with a group of researchers in the Plant Journal about bundle sheath cells in rice. [04/05/2021]

Statement on the EC study on new genomic techniques 

Researchers welcome the EC's assessment on the adaptation of the current GMO legislation [30/04/2021]

New issue of CEPLAS Faces - On Air 

In this issue, CEPLAS Graduate School member Jona Ejike answers our questions. [30/04/2021]

Innovative biotechnology for a sustainable agriculture 

Together with an international group of authors, Andreas Weber published an article in the Journal "Trends in Plants Science".  [23/04/2021]

CEPLAS at Girls' Day 

Wolf Frommer's lab group provided insights into scientific work and careers to female school students. (photo: HHU) [22/04/2021]

Transatlantic Tandem Talk 

CEPLAS member Alga Zuccaro speaks at the Transatlantic Tandem Talk about "The Food Fix: Superplants, Microbe Sidekicks and Nutrient Heroes". [22/04/2021]

Life is sweeter with flowers 

In a new issue of the Planter's Punch Yohanna Miotto (MPIPZ Cologne) describes the role of sugars as messengers in signal transduction. [21/04/2021]

How plants attract more nitrogen producing bacteria 

CEPLAS member Marcel Bucher published together with an international researcher team an article in the Journal Nature Plants. [12/04/2021]

DFG Third-Party Funding for Götz Hensel 

In a project with the Kiel University, CEPLAS member Götz Hensel will elucidate the function of the barley WHIRLY1 protein. [09/04/2021]

Yohanna Miotto

Humboldt Research Fellowship 

CEPLAS member Yohanna Miotto was awarded a Humboldt Research Fellowship. Congratulations! [23/03/2021]

Open position 

Bioinformatics postdoctoral position in the field of plant-microbe interactions at the University of Cologne available. [23/03/2021]

Vera Göhre at HHumans 

CEPLAS member Vera Göhre shares her everyday life as a researcher in an interview for the HHU project HHumans. [19/03/2021]

Expert Hearing on Genome Editing 

CEPLAS members Maria von Korff Schmising, Andreas Weber und Ulrich Schurr participated as experts in a hearing in the "NRW Landtag". [18/03/2021]

Training molecular spies 

In the new issue of the Planter's Punch the postdoc Yuuma Ishikawa from HHU explains how to make the invisible visible. [18/03/2021]