Molecules boosting plant immunity identified 

Two studies published in "Science" by CEPLAS members Jijie Chai and Jane E. Parker from MPIPZ and colleagues from China reveal critical molecules for… [08/07/2022]

Open position 

New position as a Student/ Research assistant at the Institute for Molecular Physiology at the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf available. [01/07/2022]

The dose makes the poison – why we study mineral nutrition 

In a new issue of the Planter's Punch doctoral researcher Emely Silz (UoC) explains what the carbon dilution effect has to do with our morning coffee. [30/06/2022]

CEPLAS Career Speed Dating 

Eleven CEPLAS early career researchers learned about various professional fields at the Career Speed Dating event in Düsseldorf. [29/06/2022]

Six schools face the carbon challenge 

Together with Bayer and the research institute Invite, CEPLAS launched a school competition that attracted a lot of interest from schools. [28/06/2022]

Discussion event on beer in brewery 

Experts in brewing and breeding research discussed more sustainable and better beer with an interested audience. [21/06/2022]

New positions 

22 new doctoral researchers/PhD positions (f/m/d) at the University of Colgogne available. [15/06/2022]

How to follow corn genes into the past 

In the new Planter's Punch the PhD Kerstin Schulz (UoC) explains why she tries to get insights into the history and evolution of maize. [02/06/2022]

Open position 

New position as a Student/ Research assistant at the Institute for Plant Sciences (UoC) available. [02/06/2022]

Podcast with CEPLAS members 

Maria von Korff Schmising and Markus Stetter give insights into their work in the current episode of "Exzellent erklärt: Spitzenforschung für alle". [01/06/2022]

New Collaborative Research Centre for CEPLAS 

Juliette de Meaux (UoC) and Maria von Korff Schmising (HHU) receive DFG funding for the next four years. [27/05/2022]

CEPLAS event about research in beer brewing 

Four experts will discuss new breeding methods in beer brewing at a "Brauhaus" in Düsseldorf on June 20. [24/05/2022]

Children discover the world of plant research 

About 100 children from Düsseldorf elementary schools were introduced by CEPLAS scientists into the fascinating world of plant research. [20/05/2022]

Pint of Science in pub atmosphere 

CEPLAS members provided insights into the fascinating world of plant research in the frame of the Pint of Science Festival 2022. [13/05/2022]

CEPLAS/IPK International Summer School 2022 

53 PhDs from 19 countries meet since Monday at the monastery Kloster Steinfeld in the Eifel. [11/05/2022]

CEPLAS cooperation with IPK 

In an interview (text and video) Prof. Andreas Graner (IPK) and Prof. Andreas Weber (CEPLAS) speak about the cooperation. [11/05/2022]

New CEPLAS Postdoc positions 

The call for our next cohort of CEPLAS postdocs is open. Application deadline is June 06, 2022. [09/05/2022]

Peer Power! 

After starting online, the first on-site meeting of the new peer mentoring program for group leaders took place at the Cologne Biocenter last week. [09/05/2022]

CEPLAS meets industry! 

CEPLAS PhD student visit Syngenta [08/05/2022]

CEPLAS Faces with Gunther Döhlemann 

CEPLAS member Gunther Döhlemann tells us about his main motivation as a scientist and why he had loved to see Freddy Mercury live. [04/05/2022]

Girl’s Day in CEPLAS lab 

At this year's Girl's Day, Guido Grossmann gave female students an insight into scientific work. [29/04/2022]

ERC Advanced Grant for Martin Lercher 

CEPLAS member Martin Lercher (HHU) has been awarded the ERC Advanced Grant for his work on computer simulations. [28/04/2022]

New Planter's Punch about friends and foes 

CEPLAS PhD student Pia Saake (UoC) reports in her Planter's Punch how plants distinguish between beneficial and detrimental microorgansims. [27/04/2022]

Pint of Science 2022 in Düsseldorf and Cologne 

Five CEPLAS researchers participate in the international science communication festival "Pint of Science" on May 10th and 11th. [11/04/2022]