Successful draft proposal in the Excellence Strategy!


CEPLAS was invited to submit a full proposal in the funding line Clusters of Excellence.

In April 2017, CEPLAS submitted a draft proposal in the frame of the Excellence Strategy of the Federal and State Governments. Today, the long-awaited decision was announced: The CEPLAS draft proposal received a positive evaluation from the Excellence Commission and is invited to submit a full proposal by February 21 2018! Upon positive decision on the full proposal, the funding line Clusters of Excellence will start on January 1st, 2019 and funding is provided for initially seven years.

In total, 195 draft proposals were submitted, of which 88 are invited to hand in a full proposal. Selected draft proposals are evenly distributed between research areas (31% natural sciences, 19% humanities and social sciences, 26% engineering sciences and 24% life sciences).

On September 27th and 28th the Excellence Commission which consists of the Committee of Experts and the government ministers responsible for research at the federal and state levels finally selected successful draft proposals. 39 experts, who are mainly based abroad, were appointed to the Committee of Experts. They all have proven research track records and are from diverse academic disciplines. Furthermore, they are experienced in international settings, in university management, in teaching or in the private sector.

Aim of the Excellence Strategy is to strengthen Germany's position as a research location and to promote the international competitiveness of Germany. Approximately €385 million per year will be provided by Germany’s federal and state governments for the funding line Clusters of Excellence.

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