Special issue with articles from CEPLAS groups


The Journal of Experimental Botany published a special issue where the work of several CEPLAS groups is summarized.

With an editorial of Stan Kopriva and Andreas Weber the special issue on “Genetic Encoding of Complex Traits” includes 6 Review Papers and 3 Research Papers. The articles are about following themes:

  • Annual and perennial life history
  • C4 photosynthesis
  • Molecular mechanisms of plant–microflora interactions
  • Role of metabolites in biotic interactions


Review Papers:


Gene regulatory networks controlled by FLOWERING LOCUS C that confer variation in seasonal flowering and life history

Eva Madrid, John W Chandler, George Coupland


Unraveling the sugar code: the role of microbial extracellular glycans in plant–microbe interactions

Alan Wanke, Milena Malisic, Stephan Wawra, Alga Zuccaro


Shaping the leaf microbiota: plant–microbe–microbe interactions

Vasvi Chaudhry, Paul Runge, Priyamedha Sengupta, Gunter Doehlemann, Jane E Parker, Eric Kemen


Pinpointing secondary metabolites that shape the composition and function of the plant microbiome

Richard P Jacoby, Anna Koprivova, Stanislav Kopriva


Regulation of glucosinolate biosynthesis

Simon Mitreiter, Tamara Gigolashvili


The ABC transporter G subfamily in Arabidopsis thaliana

Katharina Gräfe, Lutz Schmitt


Research Papers:


FLOWERING LOCUS T4 delays flowering and decreases floret fertility in barley

Rebecca Pieper, Filipa Tomé, Artem Pankin, Maria von Korff


Ppd-H1 integrates drought stress signals to control spike development and flowering time in barley

Leonard Gol, Einar B Haraldsson, Maria von Korff


Overexpression of the chloroplastic 2-oxoglutarate/malate transporter disturbs carbon and nitrogen homeostasis in rice

Shirin Zamani-Nour, Hsiang-Chun Lin, Berkley J Walker, Tabea Mettler-Altmann, Roxana Koshravesh, Shanta Karki, Efren Bagunu, Tammy L Sage, W Paul Quick, Andreas P M Weber