Planter's Punch Award 2017


The winner is: Berkley Walker with "Where did all my donuts go?"

Every year, the crop losses in wheat and soybean in the US Midwest alone is as big as a donut stack that stretches back and forth between the earth and the moon eleven times.

Every month, a member of the CEPLAS Graduate School or the CEPLAS Postdoc Programme presents under the heading "Planter's Punch" one specific aspect of CEPLAS research. All articles are written in an easy understandable way and address not only scientists but especially the interested public.

At the end of 2017, all CEPLAS members were asked to vote for the best Planter's Punch of the year within <link _blank internal-link internal link in current>12 editions, that were published during the year. Now we proudly present the winner:

<link internal-link internal link in current>Where did all my donuts go?
Berkley Walker