Plant Science Café with Peter Westhoff


The CEPLAS member explained in a relaxed café atmosphere why photosynthesis plays an important role in future agriculture.

Together with the research initiative PLANT 2030, CEPLAS had invited to the Plant Science Café at Café Weise in Düsseldorf. Many interested visitors came to learn more about the topic "Solving global problems with optimized photosynthesis".

After Peter Westhoff had described the global challenges of climate change, the growing world population, food security and the increasing demand for limited resources, he pointed out the important role of photosynthesis. During a brief excursion into the basics, he revealed some of the weaknesses of photosynthesis and illustrated how researchers are trying to improve these biochemical processes. The goal is to use sunlight even more efficiently and thus increase productivity.

After the lecture, many questions were answered, for example about drought-resistant plants. Tarte flambée and drinks rounded off the event and allowed the visitors to continue discussing and sitting together in a relaxed atmosphere after the event.