Pint of Science in pub atmosphere


Scientists provided insights into the fascinating world of plant research in the frame of the Pint of Science Festival 2024.

In the bar Konvex on May 13
Svenja Augustin
The speakers on May 13: Prof. Milica Gašić, Dr. Megan Sørensen, Svenja Augustin
In the café Modigliani on May 14

Same as in recent years, one CEPLAS member and other researchers participated in the international science communication festival "Pint of Science". Once again CEPLAS co-organized the Festival in Düsseldorf and brought around 60 visitors to two pubs to learn about science.

With the title "Berufsberatung für Pflanzenzellen", CEPLAS doctoral student Svenja Augustin from Heinrich Heine University addressed the development of plant cells. At the pub Konvex in Düsseldorf on May 13, she explained how plant cells decide what happens to them when they grow up, and what the Peter Pan of plant cells has to do with the CO2 footprint of our food. In a sold-out location, she generated a lot of interest from the audience with this topic and had to answer several questions.

On the same day Dr. Megan Sørensen from the Institute for Microbial Cell Biology (HHU) explained the ancient partnerships that have shaped life and asked the questions how bacteria get to plants and what keeps them under control.

Prof. Milica Gašić from the Institute for Dialog Systems and Machine Learning (HHU) covered in her talk the essentials of reinforcement learning and how it revolutionised recent conversational AI models.

One day later, the HHU researchers Dr. Jasmin Pfeifer, Dr. Abhiruk Lahiri and Pamela Villar González gave the public an insight into their research at Café Modigliani in Düsseldorf.