CEPLAS member was appointed Plantae editor


The CEPLAS PhD Abdulkabir Abdulmalik (HHU) was selected as one of ASPB Plantae editors for a one year term.

Every year, the American Society of Plant Biologists (ASPB) selects a cohort of early career plant scientists as Plantae Fellows to work collaboratively in growing the global plant science community through science communication. In his new role as a Plantae Editor, Abdulkabir Abdulmalik will lead, assist, and coach a dedicated team of the 2024 Plantae Fellows to curate exciting science-related contents, research summaries, and facilitate connections across the global plant science community.

Together with his Fellow Plantae Editors he was appointed as part of the inaugural ASPB Plantae Editors on the basis of the exceptional creativity and content development skill that he demonstrated in his role as 2023 Plantae Fellow. This Editor position is meant to provide the next step for outstanding plantae fellows to further support ASPB Plantae´s growth and to serve as a community resource for plant biologists.

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