CEPLAS encouraged girls in Science on Girls' Day


Kerstin Schipper from Florian Altegoer's lab (HHU) gave 10 girls insights into scientific work and the everyday life of a scientist.

In an effort to inspire and empower young women in the field of science, CEPLAS recently participated in Girls' Day, opening its doors to interested female students. The event, which took place as part of the annual Girls' Day initiative, aimed to encourage young girls to explore various STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) disciplines and consider future careers in these fields.

Ten enthusiastic students were welcomed into CEPLAS laboratories, where they delved into the exciting world of research through a series of hands-on experiments. Group leader Kerstin Schipper form the Institute of Microbiology explained how fungi work as a factory for chemicals and how they are grown in a lab. Afterwards, the students microscoped the fungi and learned how they could become a fungi researcher.