Soapbox Science 2024

29/06/2024 Public Event Zeppelinstreet, Cologne

Public communication event promoting women and non-binary scientists and their science


For the fifth time in a row, CEPLAS is co-hosting the local event Soapbox Science Rheinland. You are welcome to join us on June 27 in Cologne, and hear 9 engaging science pitches while enjoing your Saturday in the city center. This year the CEPLAS member Susanne Vollmer (HHU) will participate as speaker and talk about her research project.

Soapbox Science is a public science communication event promoting women and non binary sci‐ entists and the science they do. CEPLAS is supporting the event, as this can be a great opportuni‐ ty for female* researchers to present their research to a broader public and disseminate sciencein an accessible and engaging way. At the same time this is a great platform to increase the visi‐ bility of women and non-binary persons in science and challenge some of the stereotypes andpreconceptions about who is a scientist.

The local event Soapbox Science Rheinland is a collaborative effort between Heine UniversityDüsseldorf and University of Cologne (CEPLAS, CECAD, ML4Q).

Where:  Zeppelinstr., in front of Globetrotter and Karstadt, Cologne

When:   June 29, 1 to 4pm