CEPLAS Women in Plant Sciences Day 2022

28/09/2022 Event HHU, Düsseldorf

One-day workshop for female early career researchers

Where: SSC, HHU, Düsseldorf

When: 28.9.2022, 9am to 5 pm

The general aim of this yearly event, which in the meanwhile has become a CEPLAS tradition, is to promote women in science. On the one hand it offers a possibility to further develop some of the skills required for a successful career in science. On the other hand, it is a good networking and exchange opportunity among the different grad school classes and postdocs in a rather informal environment.
The program varies from year to year, this year we want to focus on improving communication and presentation skills and dedicate a one day workshop to the topic:  "How to own the room and ways to overcome stage fright".
Presentations, lectures and speaking in front of different audiences (e.g.: in meetings, conferences, public outreach events) are part of the everyday life of an academic. Many people look upon these public appearances with unease, preferring to avoid being in the spotlight. In this workshop, you will get an introduction to presence and performance work. You will also learn techniques for your voice and body language & methods of mental training in order to better deal with performance anxiety and approach your next presentation with confidence, competence and joy. 

The workshop is limited to a number of 14 participants, so if you are interested in participating be quick to save a spot. For registration the rule first come first served will apply. Deadline for registration is August 30th.

Contact for registration: