Six questions to Eliza Loo


Question 1

What fascinates you most about natural sciences?

That it is a never-ending wonder. Natural sciences (especially Biology!) are constantly evolving as we study them- it is like an arms race where scientists and nature is trying to outsmart each other. 

Question 2

What is your favorite plant and why?

Mimosa pudica or also known as the shameplant, a kind of weed whose leaflets fold inwards when touched. I was a kid when I stumbled upon them and that was the first time I truly realize that plants are actually alive.

Question 3

Which incident from your life as a researcher has remained in your memory the most?

Well, it wasn’t very long ago before I became a researcher. If I had to pick one, it would be being selected to do an oral presentation at a pretty huge international conference. It was nerve-wracking to be a PhD student and present alongside other scientists I idolize!


In times of pandemic we have to give up many things that are otherwise taken for granted. What do you miss most?

Joint lunches with my lab mates! Not only these luncheons allow me to get to know my lab mates outside of their projects, they were also very relaxing when we chat about random topics and take our minds off work for a brief period. Sadly, social and physical distancing prohibited our joint luncheons.

Question 4

What advice would you give to young scientists?

Trust the process.

Question 5

If you had the choice, which research question would you like to be able to answer?

How do we combine knowledge from Biology, Chemistry, and Physics to best explain a phenomenon? Science should be more than just looking from one angle/discipline.

Question 6

What's your favorite thing to do after work?

Long walks in the park… and on a Friday, with a beer in hand. Need ‘em feierabendbier



Eliza Loo


Postdoc Researcher, Institute for Molecular Physiology

In CEPLAS since:


Place of birth:

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia