New series "CEPLAS Faces" 

In our new series we introduce one of our members every month. The first CEPLAS face is Markus Pauly. [14/02/2020]

Open position 

Open position as Coordinator for our BSc program in Quantitative Biology at the University of Cologne. [13/02/2020]

We are deeply saddened... 

...by the untimely passing of our respected colleague and friend Dr. Udo Gowik. [04/02/2020]

Dialogue event Genome Editing 

At a joint dialogue event VBIO e.V. and WGG e.V. advocate an adaptation of the GMO Directive. [31/01/2020]

Microorganisms under climate stress 

CEPLAS researchers from MPIPZ publish results in Nature Ecology & Evolution. [31/01/2020]

Apply now! 

The call for this year's CEPLAS research internships for undergrads is open! [28/01/2020]

New publication on Iron deficiency 

CEPLAS member Petra Bauer publishes results on the regulation of iron deficiency in the journal Plant Physiology. [27/01/2020]

Open positions 

Research Assistant positions at Max-Planck-Institute for Plant Breeding Research in Cologne [20/01/2020]

New postdocs at CEPLAS 

During the last months seven new postdocs have started and will in the future support the research in CEPLAS. [16/01/2020]

CEPLAS spokesman is new president of the Deutsche Botanische Gesellschaft 

Since January, Prof. Dr. Andreas Weber has succeeded Prof. Dr. Karl-Josef Dietz of Bielefeld University. [15/01/2020]

Milena Malisic is the new representative of the CEPLAS PhDs´ 

This week, Milena Malisic was elected as the new representative of the CEPLAS doctoral students. [20/12/2019]

CEPLAS involved in project for the development of innovative experiments in schools 

Together with the Technische Hochschule Köln, CEPLAS researchers developed school experiments for the smart growth of plants. [20/12/2019]

Leopoldina and DFG want new genetic engineering legislation 

The Academies of Sciences and the German Research Foundation (DFG) yesterday published a recommendation on the decision on genetically modified… [05/12/2019]

Open positions 

Two positions as Research associates at the Institute of Quantitative Genetics and Genomics of Plants [02/12/2019]

Congratulations Dr. Jan Schulze Hüynck 

CEPLAS Member Jan successfully defendet his PhD thesis! [28/11/2019]

Open position 

Academic expert position in Imaging at University of Cologne/MPI for Plant Breeding Research [28/11/2019]

Open position 

Currently we have several open positions! Academic expert in Imaging at HHU, PhD in Computational Genomics at HHU, technician at UoC! [22/11/2019]

Lively discussion at third event of "An der Wurzel gepackt" 

Researchers from CEPLAS explain climate change and challenges for plant breeding [21/11/2019]

Six members of CEPLAS honored as "Highly Cited Researchers” 

Six members of CEPLAS honored as "Highly Cited Researchers” [21/11/2019]

New strategies to fight bacterial blight disease in rice 

2 new publications in Nature Biotechnology by the team of the "healthy crops project" [29/10/2019]

Open position 

PhD position in Plant Biochemistry [23/10/2019]

Open position 

Postdoctoral position in molecular physiology/cell biology of plant-microbe interactions [09/10/2019]

Apply now for the CEPLAS Graduate School! 

Fully funded PhD programme for young scientists with a bachelor’s degree in biology or related fields [01/10/2019]

Congratulations Prof. Ilka Axmann 

CEPLAS PI Ilka Axmann was appointed to a W2 professorship in Synthetic Microbiology at HHU. [26/09/2019]