CEPLAS School Project started 

High school students gain first practical experiences in research at the University of Cologne. [19/10/2020]

New Planters's Punch 

How do plants use their DNA as a toolbox for various tasks? Postdoc Miguel Miñambres Martín (HHU) makes an interesting comparison. [25/09/2020]

CEPLAS Graduate students start their PhD projects 

The first class of CEPLAS Graduate students will start in October. [24/09/2020]

Eliza Loo in CEPLAS Faces 

Postdoc Eliza Loo tells us why her favorite plant is the shameplant and what she misses most in times of pandemic. [18/09/2020]

New publication 

An international team of researchers led by CEPLAS member Rüdiger Simon released a publication in the Journal Current Biology. [14/09/2020]

CEPLAS Women in Plant Sciences Day 

Young female CEPLAS researchers learned how to approach career development planning. [11/09/2020]

No detection method for genome-edited crops 

Open statement by the German Society for Plant Sciences (DBG) on the recently published study in "Foods". [09/09/2020]

Securing future and competitiveness with bio-economy 

CEPLAS event about bio-economy addressed more then 100 participants. [07/09/2020]

Open position 

Open position as a PhD student available at the Institute for Plant Sciences at the University of Cologne. [04/09/2020]

New publication 

CEPLAS member Juliette de Meaux contributed to a study published in the Journal Ecology Letters. [31/08/2020]

The spluttering motor of photosynthesis 

In the new Planter's Punch Sebastian Triesch explains the important role of Rubisco. [21/08/2020]

New issue of CEPLAS Faces 

In CEPLAS Faces Juliette de Meaux talks about her fascination for research and how she deals with the coronavirus crisis. [19/08/2020]

New publication 

CEPLAS member Maria Albani released a publication about the regulation of flowering in the New Phytologist. [17/08/2020]

New functions for Maria von Korff Schmising 

The CEPLAS member was elected as President of the Society for Plant Breeding and appointed as a deputy member of the ZKBS. [11/08/2020]

Who we are and what we do - short and compact! 

CEPLAS Kompakt provides a brief insight into the various research topics of CEPLAS. [28/07/2020]

The new Planter's Punch is out! 

Anthony Piro explains the relationship between iron availability and the plant microbiom in a descriptive video. [23/07/2020]

Open statement on genome editing in plant sciences 

Two years after the ECJ ruling, European scientists renew their call to enable genome editing for sustainable agriculture and food production. [22/07/2020]

Soapbox Science Festival 

Read an interview with Agatha Walla, who joins the Festival together with Petra Bauer. [21/07/2020]

How to hear a tree before you see it 

Our new CEPLAS Face George Coupland tells about his favorite trees and why research fascinates him. [16/07/2020]

Guided Tour in the Botanical Garden 

Peter Westhoff informs about the important role of plant breeding in the bioeconomy. [16/07/2020]

Virtual Career Fair 2020 

CEPLAS member Stan Kopriva introduced Postdoc Program and Grad School to interested participants. [08/07/2020]

New publication on Optogenetics in Nature Methods 

A team around Matias Zurbriggen and Rüdiger Simon published a paper on optogenetics. [29/06/2020]

The world of rhizosphere 

In the new Planter's Punch Paloma Durán from MPI Cologne takes us to a journey to the rhizosphere. [18/06/2020]

Open Position 

Open position as postdoctoral researcher in molecular plant-microbe interactions, University of Cologne. [18/06/2020]