Active exchange with guests from Corteva AgriscienceTM 

CEPLAS course with employees from a globally acting agriscience company [28/06/2018]

Multi-million project with the participation of CEPLAS scientists approved. 

The group of Matias Zurbriggen receives € 820.000 within the framework of the EU-funded project "CyGenTiG - Cybergenetic tissue engineering". [20/06/2018]

CEPLAS Alumni Peter Lundquist starts as Assistant Professor at Michigan State University 

Congratulations to Peter who will be joining the Plant Resilience Institute. [11/06/2018]

Excursion LemnaTec

A visit to the company, which constructed the largest agricultural phenotyping robot in the world. 

10 CEPLAS Members joined an excursion to LemnaTec, a company specialised on plant phenotyping equipment. [08/06/2018]


Who, besides the plant, is also carrying out Photosynthesis in the leaf? 

Find out in our new issue of Planter's Punch. [31/05/2018]

Open position 

Internship / Master's Project at Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research [25/05/2018]

CEPLAS Early Career Researchers at Bio.NRW academy 

On May 15, four of our postdocs participated in the Bio.NRW academy at the FZJ [18/05/2018]

Congratulations to Dr. Suraj Sharma 

CEPLAS Graduate School member Suraj successfully defended his PhD thesis "Mathematical models of glucosinolate metabolism in plants" [16/05/2018]

Open positions 

PhD student (m/f) Bioinformatics and Research Assistant at the Institute for Plant Quantitative Genetics and Genomics [08/05/2018]

PEAC Antrag

New research building for plant sciences at HHU 

The German Council of Science and Humanities (Wissenschaftsrat) recommended the funding of the "Plant Environmental Adaptation Center (PEAC)" [26/04/2018]

Berkley Walker

CEPLAS Alumni Berkley Walker starts as assistant professor at MSU 

Congratulations to CEPLAS Alumni Berkley Walker who starts as assistant professor at Michigan State University. [19/04/2018]

Planter's Punch Antonella Succurro

Understanding metabolic interactions in plant root associated bacterial communities 

Watch a great video about this old-fashioned love story in our new Planter's Punch! [17/04/2018]

English version CEPLAS image movie

English version of the CEPLAS movie out now! 

Watch English version here [10/04/2018]

New paper in "Cell" by CEPLAS PI Jürgen Zeier 

Flavin Monooxygenase-Generated N-Hydroxypipecolic Acid Is a Critical Element of Plant Systemic Immunity [26/03/2018]

Comparison of roots


Start of the new "Research and Education" module for pupils and student teachers [20/03/2018]

Open position 

Open position in Plant-Microbe Interaction Research [19/03/2018]

C3 and C4 leaf

How to increase photosynthetic efficiency in plants? 

Learn how modifications in the leaf anatomy can improve photosynthetic performance in our new Planter's Punch. [15/03/2018]

CEPLAS Annual Report 2017

CEPLAS Annual Report 2017 out now! 

Our latest annual report is online and can be downloaded here. [08/03/2018]


CEPLAS PI Oliver Ebenhöh was appointed to a W2 professorship in Quantitative and Theoretical Biology at HHU. [06/03/2018]

NRW Minister of Culture and Science Isabel Pfeiffer-Poensgen on a visit at HHU 

On February 14 2018, the Minister of Culture and Science Isabel Pfeiffer-Poensgen visited HHU and CEPLAS [22/02/2018]

Flowering time regulation

Insight into the regulation of flowering 

Recent paper presents promising approach to identify key genes of flowering in different Brassicaceae. [15/02/2018]


Research in the land of the rising sun 

Share the impressions of two young scientists about their CEPLAS funded research stays in Japan [08/02/2018]

PhD Verteidigung Ruben

Best PhD thesis 2017 

HHU honours CEPLAS Alumnus Ruben for his thesis „Computational Methods for the Analysis of Plant-associated Microbial Communities“ [06/02/2018]


How to raise the number of seeds? 

New Planters's Punch about flower fertility. [01/02/2018]