Congratulations Dr. Meike Hüdig! 

Graduate School member Meike successfully defended her PhD thesis. [12/12/2018]

Promotion Debika

Congratulations Dr. Debika Sarkar! 

Graduate School member Debika successfully defended her PhD thesis. [12/12/2018]

CEPLAS scientists participate in the EU-funded project CropBooster-P 

Scientists from 8 different countries will work on the questions how to boost global crop yield for food & nutrition security [11/12/2018]

With a little help from their friends 

Great new publication in "Cell" on plant-microbe interactions. Congratulations! [06/11/2018]

Joint position paper 

Over 85 European scientists and research institutions speak out for a change in GMO policy [24/10/2018]

CEPLAS guest commentary  

CEPLAS guest commentary on genome editing and the ECJ ruling in Westdeutsche Zeitung [24/10/2018]

Congratulations to Dr. Heidi Widmer 

CEPLAS Graduate School member Heidi successfully defended her PhD thesis "Functional characterisation of a fungal endonuclease effector and regulated… [23/10/2018]

Congratulations to Dr. Katharina Gräfe 

CEPLAS Graduate School member Katharina successfully defended her PhD thesis "Establishing an in vitro system for the ABC transporter PLEIOTROPIC DRUG… [18/10/2018]

We have made it! 

New Cluster CEPLAS II will start in January [27/09/2018]

New CEPLAS LinkedIn profile page 

We’re online with our new LinkedIn employer’s page [24/09/2018]

Mikroben statt Dünger 4

Microbes instead of fertilizers. Is that possible? 

In a new video by transGEN CEPLAS Postdoc Henning Frerigmann explains how microorganisms can help plants grow. [14/09/2018]

Congratulations to Dr. Eva Willée! 

CEPLAS Graduate School member Eva successfully defended her PhD thesis "Analysis of light-dependent leaf development in Arabidopsis and cotyledon… [10/09/2018]

Apply now! 

Open Phd position in Plant Microbe Interactions. [24/08/2018]

Erklärungen zu den Pflanzen

New CEPLAS section in the Botanical Garden 

In the new CEPLAS section, aspects of plant breeding can be experienced at first-hand. Take a look at the new topics in our photo gallery. [17/08/2018]

Number of critical voices on the judgement of the European Justice Court on genome editing increases 

Since the judgement on July 25, more and more scientists speak up against the decision [11/08/2018]

Open positions 

Currently we have several open positions! [11/08/2018]

European Court of Justice passed judgement on classification of genome edited plants 

"From a scientific view, the judgement does not make sense!" [27/07/2018]

Congratulations to Dr. Alfredo Mari! 

CEPLAS Graduate School member Alfredo successfully defended his PhD thesis "Mutualistic Interactions between pathogenic and non pathogenic protists in… [26/07/2018]

Registration deadline extended! 

You can still register until August 15 for the 1st Cologne Conference on Food for Future taking place from 05.–07. September 2018 in Cologne. [20/07/2018]

Opening of the new research building "Center for Synthetic Life Sciences" 

The HHU building will house the new CEPLAS groups and the technology facilities of the Center for Biological and Medical Research (BMFZ) [16/07/2018]

Nitrogen-fixing bacteria and their plant hosts: old friends that go way back 

Great publication by CEPLAS members Garrido-Oter, Nakano, McHardy, Schulze-Lefert and others [12/07/2018]

Interactive CEPLAS Women in Plant Sciences Day 2018 

A CEPLAS career and networking event for female scientists [12/07/2018]

Open positions 

Currently we have several open positions [12/07/2018]

Successful CEPLAS Career Speed Dating 

Lively discussions at this year's CEPLAS Career Speed Dating [03/07/2018]