Planning your next career step? 

Do you plan to apply for a fellowship on an independent research group level? [05/07/2019]

Enhancing the breeding of potatoes 

New research project by CEPLAS member Benjamin Stich [12/06/2019]

Lively discussion at the CEPLAS public event on Glyphosate 

Second event in the context of the public lecture series "An der Wurzel gepackt" [23/05/2019]

Fascination of Plants Day 2019  

Primary school children discover the fascinating world of plants [23/05/2019]

Congratulations Dr. Esther Sundermann 

CEPLAS members Esther successfully defended her PhD thesis! [16/04/2019]

"Smart" flower pots and enthusiastic students 

On this year's Girls' Day female students could try to build a "smart" flower pot with the help of informatics. [05/04/2019]

Ready, Steady, Go 

Cryo-electron microscopy reveals the molecular steps in plant immune receptor activation. Two landmark studies in Science by CEPLAS member Jijie Chai. [04/04/2019]

Congratulations Dr. Sarah Kranz-Finger 

Graduate School member Sarah successfully defended her PhD thesis! [04/04/2019]

Open position 

Join the coordination team! We have an open position for the coordination of our Equal Opportunity and Diversity Program! [27/03/2019]

Open positions 

2 PhD positions and 1 Postdoc position at the Institute for Quantitative Genetics and Genomics of Plants [27/03/2019]

Rice Cultivation: Balance of Phosphorus and Nitrogen Determines Growth and Yield 

CEPLAS cooperates with partners from Beijing to develop new basic knowledge on signalling chains [26/03/2019]

Congratulations Dr. Priyanka Mishra 

Graduate School member Priyanka successfully defended her PhD thesis [22/03/2019]

Logo Food Security

Instagram takeover 

Follow Sonja teaching in the schoolgarden of the Omomas Care Center in Namibia [07/03/2019]

Congratulations Dr. Agatha Walla! 

Graduate School member Agatha sucessfully defended her PhD thesis! [01/03/2019]

Congratulations Dr. Ziba Ajami-Rashidi 

Graduate School member Ziba successfully defended her PhD thesis! [19/02/2019]

CEPLAS Summer School 2019 

Registration for the CEPLAS Summer School 2019 is open! [05/02/2019]

How do plants cope with iron deficiency? 

New publication by the group of Petra Bauer and researchers from WWU Münster [05/02/2019]

New address CEPLAS Central Office at HHU 

The Central Office in Düsseldorf moved to the new Center for Synthetic Life Sciences [30/01/2019]

Old plants flower in winter cold 

New publication in Science by the group of George Coupland [27/01/2019]

Congratulations Dr. Kalpana Shanmugarajah! 

Graduate school member Kalpana successfully defended her PhD thesis. [21/01/2019]

Open positions 

Research assistant at the Institute for Quantitative Genetics and Genomics, Postdoctoral position in Plant Molecular Physiology/Cell Biology at the… [04/01/2019]

World Soil Day

Event for the World Soil Day 2018 – Workshop for Teachers 

Teachers from the Cologne area test mobile laboratories to analyse soil samples [04/01/2019]

Apply now for the CEPLAS Graduate School! 

CEPLAS Graduate School offers PhD fellowships for students with a Bachelor's degree in biology or related fields [20/12/2018]

Kumari Billakurthi

Congratulations Dr. Kumari Billakurthi! 

Graduate school member Kumari successfully defended her PhD thesis. [19/12/2018]