Soapbox Science in Bonn


Three CEPLAS members were engaged in explaining their research to an interested audience in the center of Bonn.

In the event organized by CEPLAS and the Clusters of Excellence CECAD (Cologne) and ImmunoSensation 2 (Bonn), as well as the Collaborative Research Center SFB 1208 (Düsseldorf), several female scientists from different research fields came to Bonn on August 6. There, they stood on a box in a busy square and explained their research with the help of signs or other illustrative material. Many visitors stopped, listened to the short presentations with great interest and got into conversation with the researchers.

Three CEPLAS doctoral students participated in the event that took place as part of the international Soapbox Science Festival. Mary Ngigi (HHU) provided insights into her doctoral research and spoke on the topic of "Our armour aganist a hidden hunger pandemic." Kumsal Ecem Colpan (HHU) explained to the audience how global warming affects our beer and Pia Saake (UoC) introduced visitors to the plant's "friends and foes" and explained how plants can distinguish them.

At a stand, many visitors were informed about the event and provided with brochures and flyers about the participating research institutions. After her presentation, CEPLAS doctoral student Kumsal Ecem Colpan was enthusiastic about the response of the visitors: "It was a special experience to meet interested listeners in a completely different environment. I didn't expect so many exciting conversations with very different people."

A big thanks also to Laura Merx who supported the event as volunteer.