Successful CEPLAS Women in Plant Sciences Day 2017!

20/07/2017 | 21 female CEPLAS scientists participated in a compact, interactive and women-oriented workshop programme dealing with personal branding, negotiations...

Glowing Plants - Exhibition in the Botanical Garden

12/07/2017 | Today is the official opening of a new exhibition in the Botanical Garden at HHU (12.07. - 03.09.). Don't miss!

How to get specific traits from one plant to another?

06/07/2017 | This Planter's Punch explains what genetic and evolutionary engineering is and how you can combine them.

Directed evolution

CEPLAS meets Politics

03/07/2017 | CEPLAS Speaker Andreas Weber was invited to the "Sitzungswoche Agrar" in Berlin to discuss about sustainable agriculture.

Image: sitzungswoche / Henrik Andree

Congratulations to Dr. Vicky Tilmes!

28/06/2017 | CEPLAS Gradschool member Vicky successfully defended her PhD thesis "Functional analysis of orthologous transcription factors FLOWERING LOCUS C and...

Tamara Gigolashvili is visiting Ohio State University

27/06/2017 | Two-month research stay at Prof. Dr. Grotewold lab to foster German and US research activities.

Foto von Tamara Gigolashvili

Guided Tours in the Botanical Garden

23/06/2017 | On six Sundays in July and September, Peter Westhoff and Andreas Weber invite you to learn more about plants. Tours are for free!

CEPLAS Beet Botanischer Garten

Group of Maria Albani is hiring

22/06/2017 | Postdoctoral Researcher "Plant Development and Life History Evolution" at the Botanical Institute in Cologne.

1. International CEPLAS Summer School 2017 "Emerging Frontiers in Plant Sciences" took place 05.-09.06.2017

20/06/2017 | 47 PhD students and 15 renowned speakers discussed current topics of plant sciences at the Sportschule in Hennef.

Gruppenfoto der Summer School

Maria von Korff-Schmising will give a talk in the frame of the "Kölner Wissenschaftsrunde"

20/06/2017 | On July 3rd, Maria will talk about strategies against drought and how the genetic potential of barley can be optimally exploited.

New Planter's Punch: How do plants defend?

14/06/2017 | Learn more about glucosinolates and why it makes sense to build mathematical models.

CEPLAS Women in Plant Sciences Day 2017 - Register now!

13/06/2017 | 3 workshops about personal branding, negotiation and spontaneous speaking strategies tailored to female CEPLAS scientists.

Poster CEPLAS Women in Plant Sciences Day 2017

Prestigious grant for Matias Zurbriggen and his international research team

13/06/2017 | The Human Frontier Science Program (HFSP) awarded their application with a $1.35 million grant!

CEPLAS group of Benjamin Stich is hiring

13/06/2017 | BTA/ATA position at the Institute of Quantitative Genetics and Genomics of Plants. Apply now!

Congratulations to Dr. Ruben Garrido-Oter!

06/06/2017 | CEPLAS Gradschool member Ruben successfully defended his PhD thesis "Computational Methods for the Study of Plant-associtated Microbial Communities"

PhD Verteidigung Ruben

"CEPLAS Research and Education" raised pupils and students interest in research on plant roots

06/06/2017 | In frame of the "Berufsfeldpraktikum", biology students and pupils gained first lab experience.

Kresse mit Amöben

How do plants pick up weight?

01/06/2017 | This Planter's Punch from Silke Weckopp expains it to you!

Bild traurige Pflanze

CEPLAS now on Twitter!

30/05/2017 | ... so follow us!!! We will keep you updated with the latest Cluster news and activities.

Enthusiasm at the Fascination of Plants Day!

30/05/2017 | 150 pupils were fascinated of the superforces of plants.

Schüler beim Fascination of Plants Day

New lecture series starts soon!

23/05/2017 | How did the Mayans cultivate maize? Are superfoods as good as promised? Three exiting talks will give insights! (Talks will be in German)

Bild von Pyramide

Very Young Researchers at Synthetic Microbiology

22/05/2017 | Local kindergarten group visited the lab of Ilka Axmann.

Kitagruppe zu Gast in der Mikrobiologie

Awards ceremony in Berlin

18/05/2017 | On May 16, 2017 the awards ceremony for the two Alexander von Humboldt professors Wolf B. Frommer and Jijie Chai took place in Berlin.

Still places available in the study programme B. Sc. Quantitative Biologie

16/05/2017 | Are you interested in working in the field of biomedicine, pharmacy, biochemistry, ecology or systems biology? You are not afraid of math? Apply now!

Bild zum Studiengang Quantitative Biologie

Metabolite hunters in the eternal ice

09/05/2017 | What are metabolites and how can you analyse them? And what do they have to do with algea? This comic will explain it to you!

Auschnitt aus dem Metabolit-Jäger Comic

Two job vacancies in CEPLAS groups

25/04/2017 | PhD position @ Prof. Stich (Quantitative Genetics & Genomics of Plants) and BTA/ATA position @ Prof. von Korff (Plant Breeding Research).

New Planter's Punch on how to date a smut fungus!

21/04/2017 | A putative correspondence between researchers and the smut fungus Thecaphora thlaspeos

Abbildung Mais und Arabidopsis Pflanze

New DFG Priority Programm on Plant Microbiota

18/04/2017 | "Deconstruction and Reconstruction of the Plant Microbiota (DECRyPT)“ will be established in 2018 and coordinated by Prof. Alga Zuccaro (UoC).

Phylogenetischer Baum

Sowing of spring barley

13/04/2017 | The group of Prof. Benjamin Stich has sown approximately 5000 different genotypes at the MPIPZ in Cologne

Foto of precision air seeder

Happy Easter!

13/04/2017 | We wish you joyful holidays!

Ostereier in CEPLAS Farben

Successful CEPLAS Career Speed Dating!

10/04/2017 | 13 representatives from different industries/institutions shared personal experience on career path with 13 CEPLAS early career researchers.

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