Workshops offered at all four CEPLAS partner institutions are open to CEPLAS doctoral and postdoctoral researchers (subject to space availability). For a complete list of courses available at CEPLAS partner institutions, please check the official websites (e.g. iGRAD, HeRAGSfBS, AMC, UoC Postdoc Career Program). Please see as well our course archive, as several of the courses will be offered annually. 

Below are examples of upcoming courses. These are allocated to core competencies expected  of graduate researchers and postdocs, based on definitions from the National Postdoctoral Association (NPA). You are encouraged to learn more about the core competencies  and explore related resources. 

1. Discipline-specific conceptual knowledge

Currently no courses listed.

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2. Research Skill Development

RNA sequencing

22/08/2022 - 24/08/2022 | HHU, Düsseldorf |

Participants: Doctoral researchers and postdocs

Location: Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf


    • Dr. Alisandra Denton, Institute of Plant Biochemistry, HHU Düsseldorf
    • Dr. Dominik Brilhaus, CEPLAS Plant Metabolism and Metabolomics Laboratory, Düsseldorf 

    The workshop focuses on hands on exercises in RNAseq analysis, interspersed with explanatory talks.  

    [Further details on course content and organization]


    Individual statistical consultation

    Date: tba

    Individual statistical consultation: If you are facing statistical or bioinformatic problems you can always contact the Center for Bioinformatics and Biostatistics (CBiBs) for individual consultation. Please write an E-Mail to CBiBs and ask for a consultation date. CEPLAS will cover the costs that might be charged.

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    3. Communication Skills

    Preparing for Potential Conflicts

    17/10/2022 - 18/10/2022

    Participants: Doctoral researchers and postdocs

    Presenting (in) Science - How to own the stage on (international) conferences

    07/11/2022 - 08/11/2022

    Participants: doctoral researchers and postdocs

    First audition? – How to apply for professorships (Online)


    Participants: Postdocs from the 3rd postdoc year onwards

    This workshop will be preceded by a webcast (3,75 hrs). Available from 17/11/22 to 09/12/22

    Language courses: German and English

    Date: tba

    German Level A1.1, A1.2 and A2 courses are currently offered online. The hours per week depend on the course level.

    English Level B1 (1,5 hours per week).

    Please follow this link to get more information about language courses offered by the Junior Scientist and International Researcher Center (JUNO).

    Four courses offered by the Department German as a Foreign Language at HHU please follow this link.

    JUNO Language Tandem Program

    Date: tba

    Improve your language skills without any pressure by chatting with native speakers on a Language Tandem!

    Hochschuldidaktik (in German)

    Date: tba

    Participants: Doctoral researchers and postdocs

    Angebote der Hochschuldidaktik der Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf

    Angebote des Zentrums für Hochschuldidaktik der Universität zu Köln

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    4. Professionalism

    Do your own thing: How to get started with your own business!


    Participants: Doctoral researchers

    Online workshop

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    5. Leadership and Management Skills

    Leadership Starter Kit


    Participants: doctoral researchers

    Time Management - Get More done with Less Effort

    03/11/2022 - 04/11/2022

    Participants: Doctoral researchers and Postdocs

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    6. Responsible Conduct of Research

    Good Scientific Practice for postdocs and supervisors


    Participants: Postdocs of all research areas; 10 am - 5 pm

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    Heinrich Heine University
    University of Cologne
    Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research
    Forschungszentrum Jülich