Prof. Dr. Wolf B. Frommer

Research focus

Carbon allocation is critical for crop yield. Our group studies nutrient transport processes in plants, both regarding yield potential and yield when infected by pathogens. We use a wide range of tools to identify the key transporters, for example for carbohydrates in order to study everything from structure to function and regulation. A main tool set includes fluorescent biosensors for a wide range of small molecules, from sugars to hormones. We develop tools for monitoring the activity of proteins in vivo (in particular fluorescent transport activity sensors). We surgically engineer permissive sites in transporters that act as susceptibility factors to create robust broad-spectrum pathogen resistance in crop plants.

The ten most important publications

  1. Latorraca N., Fastman N., Venkatakrishnan A.J., Frommer W.B., Dror R. & Feng L. (2017) Mechanism of substrate translocation in an alternating access transporter. Cell169, 96-107. (PMID: 28340354).
  2. Tao Y, Cheung LS, Li S, Eom J-S, Chen L-Q, Xu Y, Perry K, Frommer WB, Feng L (2015) Structure of a eukaryotic SWEET transporter in a homotrimeric complex. Nature 527(7577):259-263.
  3. Sosso D, Luo D, Li QB, Sasse J, Yang J, Gendrot G, Suzuki M, Koch KE, McCarty DR, Chourey PS, Rogowsky PM, Ross-Ibarra J, Yang B, Frommer WB (2015) Seed filling in domesticated maize and rice depends on SWEET-mediated hexose transport. Nature Genetics 47(12):1489-1493.
  4. Chen LQ, Lin IW, Qu XQ, Sosso D, McFarlane HE, Londono A, Samuels AL, Frommer WB (2015) A cascade of sequentially expressed sucrose transporters in the seed coat and endosperm provides nutrition for the Arabidopsis embryo. The Plant Cell 27(3):607-619.
  5. Ast C, De Michele R, Kumke MU, Frommer WB (2015) Single-fluorophore membrane transport activity sensors with dual-emission read-out. eLife 4:e07113.
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  10. Loqué D, Lalonde S, Looger LL, von Wiren N, Frommer WB (2007) A cytosolic trans-activation domain essential for ammonium uptake. Nature 446(7132):195-198.
Prof. Dr. Wolf B. Frommer


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