Prof. Dr. Matias Zurbriggen

Research focus

Our research perspective is to apply synthetic biology approaches to control and understand eukaryotic signalling processes and regulatory networks in a quantitative and spatiotemporally resolved manner. To this aim I follow an interdisciplinary approach at the interface of engineering and life sciences, focusing on synthetic signalling networks and metabolic pathways, biological sensors, and chemical and optical switches. 

The ten most important publications

  1. Samodelov SL, Beyer HM, Guo X, Augustin M, Jia K-P, Beyer P, weber W, Al-Babili S, Zurbriggen MD “StrigoQuant: a genetically encoded biosensor for quantifying strigolactone activity and specificity” Science Advances (2016) 2:e1601266
  2. Braguy J and Zurbriggen MD, “Synthetic strategies for plant signalling studies: molecular toolbox and orthogonal platforms” Plant Journal (2016) DOI: 10.1111/tpj.13218
  3. Beyer HM, Juillot S, Herbst K, Samodelov SL, Müller K, Schamel WW, Römer W, Schäfer E, Nagy F, Strähle U, Weber W and Zurbriggen MD, “Red light-regulated reversible nuclear localization of proteins in mammalian cells and zebra fish” ACS Synthetic Biology (2015) 4(7) Cover Article Issue July 2015
  4. Ochoa-Fernandez R, Samodelov SL, Brandl SM, Wehinger E, Müller K, Weber W and Zurbriggen MD, “Optogenetics in plants: Red/far-red light control of gene expression” Optogenetics - Methods and Protocols. Methods in Molecular Biology, Springer (2015)
  5. Müller K, Engesser R, Timmer J, Zurbriggen MD and Weber W, “Orthogonal optogenetic triple-gene control in mammalian cells” ACS Synthetic Biology (2014) 3(11), 796-8901
  6. Müller K, Zurbriggen MD and Weber W, “Control of gene expression using a red/far-red light-responsive bi-stable toggle switch” Nat Protoc. (2014) 9(3), 622-632
  7. Müller K, Siegel D, Rodríguez Jahnke F, Gerrer K, Wend S, Decker EL, Reski R, Weber W and Zurbriggen MD, “A red light-controlled synthetic gene expression switch for plant systems“ Molecular BioSystems (2014) 10, 1679-1688
  8. Wend S, Dal Bosco C, Kämpf MM, Ren F, Palme K, Weber W, Dovzhenko A and Zurbriggen MD, “A quantitative ratiometric sensor for time-resolved analysis of auxin dynamics” Scientific Reports (2013) 3:2052
  9. Müller K, Engesser R, Schulz S, Steinberg T, Tomakidi P, Weber C, Ulm R, Nagy F, Timmer J, Zurbriggen MD and Weber W, “Multi-chromatic control of mammalian gene expression and signaling” Nucleic Acids Research (2013) 41(12), e124
  10. Tognetti V*/Zurbriggen MD*, Morandi E, Fillat M, Valle E, Hajirezaei M-R and Carrillo N. From the cover: “Enhanced plant tolerance to iron starvation by functional substitution of chloroplast ferredoxin with a bacterial flavodoxin” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) USA (2007) 104, 11495-11500. From the cover article of issue 104. *Equal contribution.
Prof. Dr. Matias Zurbriggen
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