Prof. Dr. Juliette de Meaux

Research focus

Our research seeks to reconstruct the recent history of adaptive molecular variation in plant systems. In other terms, we aim at dissecting the molecular mechanisms of Darwinian evolution in complex natural systems. We work with the weedy annual and model plant species Arabidopsis thaliana and its close relatives A. lyrata and A. halleri. Our work focuses on understanding links between life history strategies and fitness. We further intend to develop new methods to track the action of natural selection at the molecular level. These methods could find wide applications in CEPLAS.

The ten most important publications

  1. He F, Arce AL, Schmitz G, Koornneef M, Novikova P, Beyer A, de Meaux J (2016) The Footprint of Polygenic Adaptation on Stress-Responsive Cis-Regulatory Divergence in the Arabidopsis Genus. Molecular biology and evolution 33(8):2088-2101.
  2. Hu JY, Zhou Y, He F, Dong X, Liu LY, Coupland G, Turck F, de Meaux J (2014) miR824-Regulated AGAMOUS-LIKE16 Contributes to Flowering Time Repression in Arabidopsis. The Plant cell 26(5):2024-2037.
  3. Debieu M, Tang C, Stich B, Sikosek T, Effgen S, Josephs E, Schmitt J, Nordborg M, Koornneef M, de Meaux J (2013) Co-variation between seed dormancy, growth rate and flowering time changes with latitude in Arabidopsis thaliana. PloS one 8(5):e61075.
  4. Vetter MM, Kronholm I, He F, Häweker H, Reymond M, Bergelson J, Robatzek S, de Meaux J (2012) Flagellin perception varies quantitatively in Arabidopsis thaliana and its relatives. Molecular biology and evolution 29(6):1655-1667.
  5. Kronholm I, Picó FX, Alonso-Blanco C, Goudet J, de Meaux J (2012) Genetic basis of adaptation in Arabidopsis thaliana: local adaptation at the seed dormancy QTL DOG1. Evolution 66(7):2287-2302.
  6. He F, Zhang X, Hu JY, Turck F, Dong X, Goebel U, Borevitz JO, de Meaux J (2012) Widespread interspecific divergence in cis-regulation of transposable elements in the Arabidopsis genus. Molecular biology and evolution 29(3):1081-1091.
  7. He F, Zhang X, Hu J, Turck F, Dong X, Goebel U, Borevitz J, de Meaux J (2012) Genome-wide analysis of cis-regulatory divergence between species in the Arabidopsis genus. Molecular biology and evolution 29(11):3385-3395.
  8. Alcázar R, García AV, Kronholm I, de Meaux J , Koornneef M, Parker JE, Reymond M (2010) Natural variation at Strubbelig Receptor Kinase 3 drives immune-triggered incompatibilities between Arabidopsis thaliana accessions. Nature genetics 42(12):1135-1139.
  9. de Meaux J , Hu JY, Tartler U, Goebel U (2008) Structurally different alleles of the ath-MIR824 microRNA precursor are maintained at high frequency in Arabidopsis thaliana. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 105(26):8994-8999.
  10. de Meaux J , Goebel U, Pop A, Mitchell-Olds T (2005) Allele-specific assay reveals functional variation in the chalcone synthase promoter of Arabidopsis thaliana that is compatible with neutral evolution. The Plant cell 17(3):676-690.
Prof. Dr. Juliette de Meaux
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