Niklas Gawenda

Research focus

Plant cell walls surround individual cells but also confer rigidity and shape to the whole plant and have thereby sparked my interest from the beginning of my young academic career path. Throughout my Ph.D. thesis as a CEPLAS associate I want to further investigate the biosynthesis of certain plant cell wall components to unravel some of the unresolved questions surrounding the underlying processes. I hope to accomplish this by utilisation of heterologous hosts like yeast to express candidate genes and characterise the cell walls of the transgenic yeast using different analytical techniques. In previous works, I was already able to contribute to new insights into plant cell wall biosynthesis based on this approach (Pauly et al., 2019; Voiniciuc et al., 2019).


Pauly M, Gawenda N, Wagner C, Fischbach P, Ramírez V, Axmann IM, Voiniciuc C (2019) The suitability of orthogonal hosts to study plant cell wall biosynthesis. Plants. doi: 10.3390/plants8110516

Voiniciuc C, Dama M, Gawenda N, Stritt F, Pauly M (2019) Mechanistic insights from plant heteromannan synthesis in yeast. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 116: 522–527

Niklas Gawenda


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