Dr. Mather Khan

Research focus

Globally, Iron deficiency is one of the most prevalent nutritional disorders. Young children and women are severely affected by iron deficiency anemia.  My goal is to develop climate-resilient crops with higher yields and better nutritional value for a sustainable food system. I am using a combination of tools including transcriptomics, functional genomics, and ionomics to understand how plants take up, distribute and accumulate micronutrients and toxic elements within plant tissues, including seeds. I am working to generate the regulatory network of Fe homeostasis in Arabidopsis and later on translate the knowledge and method to crop plants. In this study, the aim is to develop transcriptomics networks under different time points in different tissues at different developmental stages. Understanding the molecular mechanisms by which plants take up, mobilize, and accumulate iron in different tissues including seeds, will help in developing crops with enhanced nutritional value for human consumption.

Dr. Mather Khan


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