Prof. Dr. Uwe Rascher

Research focus

Non-invasive phenotyping methods are used to quantify the spatio-temporal dynamics of plant traits by studying plant functional traits as well as exchange processes between plants and their fluctuating environment. We use imaging approaches spanning a wide spectral range to quantify plant structure and function from the spatial level of single organs (e.g. leaves) to the canopy and ecosystem. Imaging techniques are applied in green houses and outdoor facilities of the IBG-2 as well as in Klein-Altendorf which is one of the important agricultural research sites of Germany, thereby using various sensor-platforms. Our techniques include 3-d stereo, hyperspectral, and fluorescence methods, as well as airborne platforms such as airships and helicopters.

The five most important publications

  1. Fiorani F, Rascher U, Jahnke S, Schurr U (2012) Imaging plants dynamics in heterogenic environments. Current Opinion in Biotechnology: 227-235 [review]
  2. Rascher U, Blossfeld S, Fiorani F, Jahnke S, Jansen M, Kuhn AJ, Matsubara S, Märtin LLA, Merchant A, Metzner R, Müller-Linow M, Nagel KA, Pieruschka R, Pinto F, Schreiber CM, Temperton VM, Thorpe MR, Van Dusschoten D, Van Volkenburgh E, Windt CW, Schurr U (2011) Non-invasive approaches for phenotyping of enhanced performance traits in bean. Functional Plant Biology 38: 968-983
  3. Damm A, Elbers J, Erler E, Gioli B, Hamdi K, Hutjes R, Kosvancova M, Meroni M, Miglietta F, Moersch A, Moreno J, Schickling A, Sonnenschein R, Udelhoven T, van der Linden S, Hostert P, Rascher U (2010) Remote sensing of sun induced fluorescence to improve modeling of diurnal courses of gross primary production (GPP). Global Change Biology 16: 171-186
  4. Rascher U, Agati G, Alonso L, Cecchi G, Champagne S, Colombo R, Damm A, Daumard F, de Miguel E, Fernandez G, Franch B, Franke J, Gerbig C, Gioli B, Gómez JA, Goulas Y, Guanter L, Gutiérrez-de-la-Cámara Ó, Hamdi K, Hostert P, Jiménez M, Kosvancova M, Lognoli D, Meroni M, Miglietta F, Moersch A, Moreno J, Moya I, Neininger B, Okujeni A, Ounis A, Palombi L, Raimondi V, Schickling A, Sobrino JA, Stellmes M, Toci G, Toscano P, Udelhoven T, van der Linden S, Zaldei A (2009) CEFLES2: The remote sensing component to quantify photosynthetic efficiency from the leaf to the region by measuring sun-induced fluorescence in the oxygen absorption bands. Biogeosciences 6: 1181-1198
  5. Meroni M, Rossini M, Guanter L, Alonso L, Rascher U, Colombo R & Moreno J (2009) Remote sensing of solar induced chlorophyll fluorescence: review of methods and applications. Remote Sensing of Environment: 113, 2037-2051 [review]
Prof. Dr. Uwe Rascher
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