Dr. Florian Altegoer

Research focus

My group investigates the molecular mechanisms that underly plant-fungal interactions. We are especially interested in obtaining structural information on fungal effector proteins, which enables us to understand how these proteins manipulate central host pathways. Furthermore, we investigate fungal receptor proteins to gain insights into the colonization process and to identify key molecules involved in the communication between fungi and plants. Using an integrative approach, we combine structural biology and biochemical techniques with cell biology and in planta experiments.

The five most important publications

  1. Weiland P., Dempwolff F., Steinchen W., Freibert S.A., Tian H., Glatter T., Martin R., Thomma B.P.H.J., Bange G.#, Altegoer F.# (2022) Structural and functional analysis of the cerato-platanin-like protein Cpl1 suggests diverging functions in smut fungi. bioRxiv
  2. Feyh, R., Waeber, N. B., Prinz, S., Giammarinaro, P. I., Bange, G., Hochberg, G., Hartmann, R. K. #, & Altegoer, F. # (2021). Structure and mechanistic features of the prokaryotic minimal RNase P. Elife, 10.
  3. Weiland, P., & Altegoer, F. (2021). Identification and Characterization of Two Transmembrane Proteins Required for Virulence of Ustilago maydis. Front Plant Sci, 12, 669835.
  4. Altegoer, F. #, Weiland, P., Giammarinaro, P. I., Freibert, S. A., Binnebesel, L., Han, X., Lepak, A., Kahmann, R., Lechner, M., & Bange, G. # (2020). The two paralogous kiwellin proteins KWL1 and KWL1-b from maize are structurally related and have overlapping functions in plant defense. J Biol Chem, 295, 7816-7825.
  5. Han, X., Altegoer, F., Steinchen, W., Binnebesel, L., Schuhmacher, J., Glatter, T., Giammarinaro, P. I., Djamei, A., Rensing, S. A., Reissmann, S., Kahmann, R., & Bange, G. (2019). A kiwellin disarms the metabolic activity of a secreted fungal virulence factor. Nature, 565, 650-653.