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Maike Zimmermann

A project manager who finished her Bachelor of Arts in Mediadesign last year. Illustration account: @_macrea (IG).

Acknowledgment for proof-reading:

Aaron Lawson,

PhD candidate at the Department of Plant Microbe Interactions, MPIPZ, Cologne

Planter's Punch

Under the heading Planter’s Punch we present each month one special aspect of the CEPLAS research programme. All contributions are prepared by our young researchers.

About the author

Milena Malisic is a PhD candidate in Prof. Dr. Paul Schulze-Lefert’s group at the Department of Plant Microbe Interactions (Max-Planck-Institute for Plant Breeding Research, Cologne). In her PhD work, she is interested in indentifying the genetic determinants of root commensal bacteria mediated plant iron nutrition. Moreover, she is fascinated about exploring natural relationships between plants and microbes in iron-contrasting environments.

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