Ostereier in CEPLAS Farben

Happy Easter! 

We wish you joyful holidays! [13/04/2017]

Successful CEPLAS Career Speed Dating! 

13 representatives from different industries/institutions shared personal experience on career path with 13 CEPLAS early career researchers. [10/04/2017]

René Röspel (MdB) visits CEPLAS 

Last week René Röspel, Member of the German Parliament took the time for a visit at the Cluster of Excellence CEPLAS. [10/04/2017]

International Symposium on Food Security 

Join the kick-off and launch of the new Compentence Area VI "Food Security". Registration is open! [07/04/2017]

Fascination of Plants Day 

On May 18th, CEPLAS invites school kids to HHU Düsseldorf to learn more about superforces of plants. [30/03/2017]

CEPLAS SAB member wins prize of the American Society of Plant Biologists 

Georges Freyssinet, member of the CEPLAS Scientific Advisory Board, was awarded the ASPB Innovation Prize for Agricultural Technology. [29/03/2017]

vule (Seed) spacing in commercially available greens in super market

New Planter's Punch about communication between cells 

Nozomi Kawamoto explains how the plant can regulate the distance between seeds. [23/03/2017]

Logo Science

New Science publication by group of Prof. Ilka Axmann 

Structures of the cyanobacterial circadian oscillator frozen in a fully assembled state [20/03/2017]

Alexander von Humboldt Logo

AvH Award Winner Prof. Wolf-B. Frommer starts at HHU 

Prof. Wolf-B. Frommer was awarded and successfully appointed to the prestigious Alexander von Humboldt Professorship and will start in April 2017. [02/03/2017]

GFP-tagged plant cells

How to visualize proteins in living cells? 

This video is a Planter's Punch contribution by Gwendolyn Kirschner and explains how proteins can be visualized in living cells. [01/03/2017]

Save the date: Joint CEPLAS Symposium and YRR 2017 

This year the CEPLAS Symposium and the Young Researchers Retreat will take place as a joint event on October 19/20th at KOMED in Cologne. [28/02/2017]